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The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 4

Updated on August 31, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival OF The Lost Love
The Arrival OF The Lost Love

When the clerk told him that he is her father. David apologized and nodded, "Sir, I didn't know that." Come on, it's good, then he listened to all the details.

The clerk remembered the story of the mother-daughter when she was telling the mother that a girl had grabbed the bottle and then one day she was looking at the bottle with great love. The father understood that even in the daughter's heart. There is room for him. The father looked at him with a cold sigh and said, "Look, she is the daughter of a clerk." From this, you can measure our status.

David immediately said, "No sir, that is of no importance to me,"

The clerk quickly interrupted him and said that even if you don't...

David quickly said, "No, my family is not like that, nor do we have any demand."

The clerk said that the proof of this will be found only when those people also come and express such views.

David said that he will send his parents to your house soon. You guys have to wait for me if I just pass the exams. Please give me your home address.

The clerk said he would consult his wife and tell her in a few days.

David said, "Sir, there is no problem. Please take note of my home address. Take my phone number. It is your right to inquire about me in college from wherever you want." Then he made a note of the phone number and home address. And happily went on saying goodbye.

The clerk was happy that such a handsome boy was asking for a relationship for his daughter.

While waiting at the gate of the college, David saw Amy sitting on the couch with the clerk.

David became convinced that she was his only daughter or else he was regretting his haste that there would not be a single girl named Amy in college.

When the clerk reached home, while eating, his wife told him that a good relationship had come for Amy. There is also no demand for their dowry.

The clerk thought, not to mention David's relationship now, let her come first, then let's see. Which we have also said yes to this relationship.

The wife herself began to explain that she teaches in your college. She saw and liked Amy in college.

When Amy was coming from some work, she heard that she saw and liked Amy. She was surprised that David sent the relationship so quickly.

Seeing Amy coming in, the father called out, "Ask for the daughter's wish first."

Mom angrily asked who had asked our will.

The father said that darling, it was that time.

Giving the final decision, the mother said that she did not want to teach her in college because she knew what is good and what is bad for her. The girl will not bring any relationship to me again. Who comes to the house of the poor? Thank you! for having such a good relationship. If he refuses to accept our relationship, her studies will end today. Oh, they are such good people, they say, of course, she can do the job.

Amy said, "Mommy, I will never mind your choice. Who can think better of me than you?" Saying that she is out of the room.

Mother said happily that next time I will say yes to them.

The husband said no one says yes without seeing.

The wife said while cleaning that I mean if you go to see it if you like it, you will say yes. He teaches in the same college. What is his name? His mother said it while thinking. Not coming in my mind.

The husband studies or teaches.

The wife spoke casually. I don't know. The day after tomorrow is Sunday. Those people have called us home.

The husband asked you said yes without asking.

Hey, I haven't said yes now. I said it's such a good relationship, it's nice to go, so I'll do it, those people are in a hurry. More relationships are coming up. I'm afraid that such a good relationship will not get out of hand. Look at how much they have brought. Fruits, fruit cakes, etc. I was impressed to see their precious clothes. Our daughter will not suffer from financial problems like us. She will have a lot of luxuries. Said while clearing her tears. While explaining, the husband said that the world means that if they are getting good relationships, then why did you come here? Let me investigate them first. Even if I like it, not saying yes at the same time is to have some respect. Then they saw what happened in our daughter.

The wife said happily that she is liked by him.

When Amy heard her leaving, she was lost in David's thoughts.

Preparations for the day before yesterday had started. The mother took out the best suit from her side, but still, she did not find it suitable. The same was the case with the husband's suit. Their phone had rung twice. Her mother was talking with Amy's Mother.

Amy did not know that she was not going to David's house. She was still misunderstood and looked happy. The mother was whispering to his father how happy she was to see her daughter happy.

The clerk was also in a dilemma whether he belonged to David's family or someone else. He strongly instructed his wife that you should not talk to anyone in this regard. I don't see you saying anything, don't be in a hurry. The questions are those we don't understand we have to give a respectful relationship.

When the two reached a place at the appointed time, the gate was open. The area was old but the houses were well built. There were old and big houses.

When a servant came out, the clerk told him to come. He said OK and hurried inside. Shortly after, his college teacher Sir Jacob came running in front and took the clerk inside with great politeness.

The decoration in the drawing-room was of valuables but the old model had a large drawing-room. Jacob's uncles came in and met him warmly. After a while, fat Aunt and Jacob's weak and sick looking mother came inside.

Aunt met coquetting and Jacob's mother met her well and sat down next to Amy's mother and smiled happily and started asking about the situation. After a while, Jacob also came and sat quietly in front.

The servant brought juice and offered it to everyone. Amy's mother picked up the glass a little embarrassed while the clerk was sitting seriously. He still could not understand whether he was David's father or not.

While drinking the juice, Jacob's uncles expressed their displeasure, pointing to Jacob and saying that he was their nephew. After the death of his father, he had brought his sister home. We have educated and employed him. Then he has a fourteen-year-old daughter. He has been married for one year. His wife has died. He has chosen your daughter and now he wants to marry her. He hurriedly told the whole detail in one breath.

The clerk was holding a glass of juice in his hand. It seemed that the glass had become too heavy and his arm could not bear the weight. He placed the glass on the table. Jacob said, "Sir, you have not finished the juice. The clerk said," I have a sore throat. I am sorry.

A sweet, innocent fourteen-year-old girl came in and greeted me and asked that maid was asking me to make tea now.

The clerk immediately said, "No, no, I have to go to a funeral. I will be late. I promised to come here, so I had to come in a hurry."

Jacob's uncles said then when will you come.

The clerk said, "I will tell everyone on the phone. Let me now." Addressing his wife, "Get up early, it will be too late."

The wife was enjoying the delicious juice and drank it in one breath.

Fat Aunt, who was sitting far away, started smiling slowly. Jacob's mother began to feel embarrassed.

The clerk's wife saw him rushing home, not answering her.

When he came home, his wife started arguing about what a spectacle it was. He didn't even drink tea. I didn't even have breakfast in the morning. I would eat delicious things with tea. You didn't even let me eat.

The clerk said angrily, "In your eyes, it was a good relationship. He is married and has a fourteen-year-old daughter and is much older than our daughter." Anyway, for our daughter, a well-rounded young man, David, is asking, from our college, her relationship. After the papers, he will send his parents to us. Just be patient.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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