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The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 6

Updated on September 1, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival of the Lost Love
The Arrival of the Lost Love

The college people took Jacob to the hospital. Amy was crying badly and praying for her safety. Fellow Colleague was silencing him. He informed David's Aunt by instruction phone. She had only one aunt. She called her too.

David's Aunt's children came and she found shelter. My aunt had also come. The doctor reported the death of Jacob. Amy fainted. Fellow Colleague took care of him and brought him to consciousness. She was crying badly, she was helpless. She and Sarah had a strong pillar as he was. The aunt was consoling him.

The next day the rituals were performed. Aunt brought it with her. Sarah was a little girl, just staring at everyone and her father with wide eyes.

Aunt lived in her ancestral home with an old maid. Aunt's sons used to go out with their families. They called him sorry. If you stay with our mother in our house, she will get a company and so will you. You are alone with the baby.

Amy thanked the Lord who had arranged for her a shelter. Amy was honorable. When she offered the rent, his children said, "Just give them food and drink, no need to rent."

Amy said that even if you don't say it, I will give that.

Amy shifted to his aunt's house. From here, his college was also close by. My aunt's house was 30.25 Square Yards. My aunt lived in the lower portion. Upper Portion was rented. Good people were living in the old days, they took care of his aunt, but not so much. Because my aunt did not like anyone's interference.

Amy's aunt was not his real aunt, his mother's cousin was rich, and so the relationship with Amy's mother was only for happiness and sorrow. He married off his sons to rich families. The daughter also married into the rich. Due to her poverty towards Amy, she did not pay attention to her relationship.

When the daughters-in-law called the husbands out because the aunt married the two sisters from the same house in the lure of a green card. Both were not beautiful and were flirtatious. Don't ask aunt. Don't even call. Even if you do it by mistake, don't talk long. Sons often call mom. And also send expenses and sometimes gifts. The daughter used to come often but could not keep her mother with her. She also apologized on the phone that she could not serve them. Now it was calm with the arrival of Amy. Amy had handled the house system well. With her arrival, the house was full of prosperity. Sarah was also a distinguished girl and did not bother. Although she was in her teens at the time, she did not receive any affection from her father, so she remained attached to Amy. Still living like children.

Amy also keeps her as a child. She calls her aunt Granny.

Amy fixed the amount deposited by Jacob and started running the house system from his salary. He studied Sarah and allocated the money for her marriage. However, this amount also included Amy's income which Jacob used to take and spent sparingly. Amy never bothered him, he had killed his desires. The daughter was also under the care of her father. Fear of the father. Never talk nonsense No one dares to order.

Ever since her aunt was alone, she began to miss her relatives, and now she began to meet the poor because they gave her time and respect. She liked Amy's habits very much. Now she often felt remorse for the greed she had had outside and now she had to be separated from the children. Here too the children were living with dignity. But the lure of more separated her from her sons and grandsons. She could not enjoy her childhood. I was just entertained by the pictures. The daughter had only one son. She was the apple of her father-in-law's eye. The mother-in-law would not let her take her. Granny couldn't even find it, so she started having fun with Sarah.

She wished that if she did not see the difference between rich and poor, then a good girl like Amy would become Amy in her life. She was so happy to have him. She cared for her more than her daughter. Now her son was at peace too. She used to thank him on the phone now. They also used to send gifts to her and Sarah. Sarah would be very happy to call them uncles. She wouldn't be embarrassed if she asked for something. Her aunt would tell her, keeping in mind her and Amy's needs, as if she had sent them an expensive mobile phone and laptop. Both mother and daughter were very happy because it was separate for both.

The colleagues of Amy would suggest a second marriage. Many also show relationships. But Amy doesn't agree to say my daughter is young.

"She's not your real daughter. She's a little younger than you. You've made yourself old because of her." If you had children after marriage, they would be barely seven or eight years old. Now that you are young, you can have a baby yourself

Amy said with a cold come, "If she can give birth to a child, she cannot give Jacob." How much he desired his son. How many tests were done but the child could not be born.

"Mama it's my friend's cousin's birthday," Sarah said. And it has also annoyed me that these people have taken home near their Granny. Tell me what to do. My very good friend says it will be a lot of fun. Her uncles celebrate her birthday with much fanfare.

Amy said, "Okay, but I will leave you and come to pick you up."

Sarah spoke quickly. Mama Marie and her classmates will also go. She drives a car by herself. She will give a pick and drop to all our friends. Don't worry.

Sarah lived in a house-like hostel for study which was close to home and also took tuition from the teacher living there so she was in her final year of study. Sarah now wanted to marry her with some dashing guy. She had also told her colleagues back and forth for a relationship.

Her aunt used to advise her to remarry before she got rid of her daughter's duty.

Sarah got ready and went to his birthday party. All my friends had given a big gift together.

Ever since Amy came back from the wedding, I have been thinking about David. Her sister was devoted to her. Sister Jessica used to ask her about her condition on the phone and she was able to persuade him with great difficulty for her relationship. Amy had made it a condition that he first fined his daughter's relationship somewhere. Sister Jessica told him that it was fine. Try to find it quickly.

Amy did not ask her anything about this house and Sister Jessica did not tell her anything. Ever since David had told her that the one you were telling her about was Amy, he had recognized him by her voice with her eyes and he was now anxious to marry her. Given that she has convinced him, she will not delay if her daughter finds a relationship somewhere quickly.

When Sarah came back from his birthday, he hugged his mother and said, "Mama, I'm done." She has a very graceful personality. I will just marry her now. Otherwise, I would die if I didn't get it.

Amy said who does what, whose son is etc. etc.

Sarah immediately picked up the mobile phone and said, "Mama, this is the father of the person I went to on her birthday. Look, the picture is handsome."

When Amy saw the photo, she was stunned. It was David's photo.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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