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The Arrival of Lost Love / Part 5

Updated on September 1, 2020
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A silent observer looks around and notices the things that others can not because they are too busy in their work.

The Arrival of the Lost Love
The Arrival of the Lost Love

When Amy heard that she was not related to David, she became very sad and started praying that God willing, David's relationship would come. She was thinking that she would have taken David's number, to tell him that if he is late, then my mother will marry me with that old man.

David was studying in his room at home when elder sister Jessica came to his room and started showing him pictures of some girls. Parents have imposed my duty. As soon as the papers run out, you will be sentenced to life imprisonment of marriage.

David looked hurriedly to save his time and while returning he said that not a single one is beautiful.

Sister said to convince that everyone is literate and of our peers.

David said angrily, "I want a good wife, not a rich woman."

Sister muttered and walked away.

An idea came to David's mind. He thought of making Sister his companion so that he could tell her about Amy tomorrow, so from the family, they don't look for any relationship for me.

The next day David took Sister under the pretext of shopping and sat in a cafe and calmly told him the whole thing.

She was worried when she heard this. She knew her father's harsh temperament. Still, at her brother's urging, she agreed to talk to him.

After a lot of hard work, the mothers have to explain to his father, that the son is elder now, what if he has done something with his life. What will we do without him? He agreed to walk to the girl's house.

David called the clerk and tell him that his family agreed. The clerk was very happy and told the good news to his wife. His wife was not particularly happy. He liked the hushed tone of Jacob's mother.

As soon as Amy's heard this she was filled with joy, she happily started shining the house. They said they would come in the evening. It was tea time. She could not afford the long and wide. Still, she was doing more than her budget. She was also listening to her mother's big talk. She was cursing him for spending so much.

David's parents and David came in a big car. David's sister Jessica had to go on Pilgrimage and then to the house of his Husband's sister in Dubai. She was able to send her parents' to Amy's home after praying.

Seeing the house and the area David's father becomes a little furious. David's mother had also brought engagement equipment on the compelling of David.

David's mother liked Amy so much that she immediately gave her consent and became restless to perform the ritual. The father could not say anything in front of the wife and son and the relationship matured.

Even after coming home, the father was not saddened by the fact that everything had happened against his will. That was a temporary ritual, now we will go for proper engagement.

When the friend heard and immediately presented his daughter's relationship and also told his cast the same thing that David's father did, all this later turned out to be a lie. Was. The friend fell at his feet that he was going to die. Just marry my daughter once and take her home. Later, of course, get my son remarried and keep my daughter as a maid for the rest of her life.

The father used this as a cover and forced his son to get married here and also took the bridegroom with him so that his son would not be deceived and told him to marry Amy later. On the other hand, Amy's father became oppressed and told about the marriage of his friend's daughter.

Amy's mother, who had not yet responded to Jacob's mother, was just hesitant and immediately called him for marriage.

When the father protested, he got angry and asked what he was waiting for. The next day they got married and gave the good news. Now I will not let go of this good relationship.

When Amy heard that David had got married, he became very angry and agreed to the maternal relationship.

Amy's marriage was simple and they took Amy.

After the marriage, the truth of David's revelation on Amy was revealed that he was compelled and did so on the condition that he would later marry Amy too, but his mother has him married out of anger and emotion. David came and told the truth to his mother and said why you did that while Father had told you everything on the phone.

Amy's mother said she had told the story of her compulsion that she was fulfilling a friend's last wish. She had not said that she would marry Amy later. Amy, who had come to his house, heard the whole thing from the kitchen. Her heart was clear for David, who was suspicious, but she accepted her marriage as a sign of destiny because she was an oriental girl. She was ashamed of her mother. She could not see that David was regretting her haste and Amy was consoling her mother. And she used to show herself happy because her father had died of a heart attack due to her grief and Jacob used to put restrictions on Amy. She got a job in college and even if he took all her salary, she would not utter a word.

Her mother was left alone after the death of her husband. The house was also rented. So Amy had to stay with her mother in her in law's house. Immediately after the death of Jacob's uncles, his fat aunt hinted to her to shift from her house not to make her house Guest House. It was already a guest house for Amy.

Jacob blamed it on Amy's mother, due to her my Aunt not only kicked us out of the house but also broke off the relationship.

Where the Amy keeps the mother. The mother-daughter was forced to endure the taunts. Her daughter Sarah was a ten or twelve-year-old girl and she was loved and cared for like an Amy mother. She was afraid of the anger of her father who would shout at Amy and turn his hand for no reason. He said, "I am far away from my family because of you. By marrying you, I have lost both my uncle's house and my relationship. My mother died soon after I got married. My uncles died. You are so miserable that you are a father." Not even left. I'm just bearing you for my daughter who has been stupidly attached to you. You are cunning and cunning. You have used my daughter to make your place. No matter, she is still a child. When she grows up, she will understand your true self.

Amy's colleague explained to her that Jacob is not a good person. He had married before and later he kept her very tight. She was also a teacher. He takes his entire salary and does not even have a mobile phone. He also doubts it. He was forced to live with her only for his daughter, often beating her. Eventually, he fell ill and died from this evil man. But why are you suffering? Now your mother is dead too. Hand over the daughter to him and stay in a girls' hostel. Some people have even made their homes hostels where the children are away from school. Working women who have the same problems live here as a family. Food is made at home on wages, etc. Her colleague wanted to give her the address but Amy refused and said that she could not leave the girl.

Amy was sitting in the staff room of the college with her colleague when the nanny of the college came in panic and said that Jacob had fallen unconscious.

© 2020 Hassan Ali


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