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The Art of being Faithful.

Updated on March 14, 2016

The Art of being Faithful.


The Art of being Faithful.

The art of being faithful.

A guide to healthy relationships.

Ever wondered why your love life is in mess?

The main cause of broken homes, domestic violence and homeless children is the family unit being unit being disbanded.

If mum and dad are not a good example to the children, the family unit falls apart.

If the parents are constantly fighting, using foul language in front of the children, the young ones will pick up the bad habits, as it is a norm in the house hold.

Daddy constantly comes home late, and is never physically and emotionally there for the children.

Mummy cannot cope with helping the children with their homework and there is little intellectual stimulation in the house hold for the children. A reality were education only takes place in the classroom, that is not enough. Children live what they learn and see.

What is the root cause of dysfunctional households?



All of the above contribute to the building blocks of the home.

Yet I believe our moral make up, is the bases for a functional household and later on having children, and young adults who make a meaningful contribution to our society.

Why do we fall in love?

Because we feel the other individual will nourish our being and we can build a future together.

Start a family and spend the rest of our lives together and eventually have grand children, retire and look back at our lives and say we lived our lives we will take care and hope and pray for a happy ending.

Yet why do we find it so difficult to be faithful?

Ask yourself how would you feel if your spouse or partner cheated on you?

Then ask yourself why am I unfaithful?:

Both of you have to ask, is our union our commitment worth fighting for?

If not what will become of us?

What about the children.

Your actions have a ripple effect on those closest to us?

Would you ever harm or intestinally hurt those we love?

How to break the cycle of cheating.

Look back carefully and think about your first sexual experience?

Were you in love, perhaps it was just an experience.

Think back to the first person you slept with and how you felt as though you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them.

Remember the experience, the things you shared in common.

What made you laugh.

The silly jokes you would laugh at.

The places you visited.

The food you shared.

Why did you grow apart?

What changed?

Perhaps it was the distance. she changed jobs.

After school or varsity you started new lives.

So think of the first time you were in love?

Think of how you felt?

What you enjoyed doing most with your partner.

Think of the things you would fight about in most cases, does it really matter who was at fault when all is said and done?

Think of the first time you cheated.

Think of what events led you to forget about your commitment?

Think of what attracted to the person you cheated with.

Think of what characteristics they possessed which led you to be unfaithful.

Think back to all the woman or man you cheated with.

Think back to the one you went back to be unfaithful the most.

Think what you enjoyed most with that person?

Was it the sex?

What about the sex?

Was it more stimulating than your current partner?

Does he or she make you happy for now?

Ask yourself can you trust this person?

Would they not do the same with you?

What goes around comes around.


Next time you would like to go into a meaningful relationship.

Put on the table all the characteristics you love about your spouse, as well as the likely hood of you being unfaithful.

Do the things you love together.

Get to know what turns both you on.

Watch your favorite teams at the stadium be it rugby, soccer or cricket.

Go to the derby.

Collect books.

Purchase music online or at the shops.

Eat your favorite foods, go dinning forth nightly.

Go to concerts.

Save up monthly for short term goals, medium and long term.

Travel go to your favorite destinations.

Purchase a car, a home.

Start a family and pass down the art of being faithful to your young ones.

Remember what goes around comes around.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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