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A Begonia A Rose

Updated on November 3, 2014
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Sentiment of a flower

The delicate beauty of a rose

has much elegance and grace

The radiance of a begonia

holds the beauty of lace

The rose has much to say

Pedals are soft

Drop of dew where it lay

Tenderness of a Flower

Begonia holds a moment of feeling

Tender emotions of love

Reasons of memory appealing

Great pleasure of all above

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What holds within

The pots are old and withered, some in a tin

To hold the stunning flower

It's not what's on the outside

It's what is held within

pedals of a begonia, rose

The pedals are reaching out

Saying how happy they are inside

If they are soft and facing up

You will know without a doubt

This flower will keep growing

Be forever held with pride

The pedal drooping down

With sweet desire for beauty

Don't allow this to happen

Gone is the jubilee


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