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The Ballerina and The Sad Violin Part 1

Updated on February 7, 2023

Sad Violin

This short story is dedicated to two special people Subron and Shygirl2. They both have inspired me and pushed me to do it. So this is to you two! A special tha

I am a ballerina; I am a ballerina, she whispered as she sat rocking on the bed of her dorm room. Her little boom box was set on repeat to play the sound of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Violin Concerto No. 5. It echoed throughout the corridor of the 3rd floor, psychiatric ward.

The door creaked open and in slipped Nurse Nardovino she tipped toed over to her bed side “Kalina, it’s time for your medication.”

“Ssshhh, no talking Alinna is on stage, doesn’t she look so beautiful.”

Nurse Nardovino turned and looked at the light pale blue wall of the dorm room “Yes, she does Kalina.”

Kalina turned to look at her and shouted with anger “Liar, you’re a liar! Don't you lie to me!You don’t mean it!” as her voice reduced in volume into a whisper almost as if she wanted to cry “She is there, can’t you see her? Her pink tutu it’s there, I promise!”

“I see her Kalina, I promise I see her! Here take this; it will help you sleep tonight.” Kalina grabbed the little white paper cup out of the nurse’s hand and drank the little white pill that sat inside it. Nurse Nardovino leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and walked over to the door and slipped out the way she slipped in.

Kalina, having another bad evening?” asked Nurse Rodgers.

I suppose so, she stares at the wall saying Alinna is there but it’s just a fragment of her imagination.

“Has anyone heard or seen Alinna?”

No, last heard was that she was performing at the Ambrose Theater. They say that Alinna performs with a porcelain mask and hides her scars. Kalina is very sorry for what she did but there is no way of turning back the hands of time. What was done is done.”

“Poor girls, it was truly a sad tragedy.”

“It sure was; it sure was.”

“My face distorted, these scars will never heal! They are marks made by the hands of my own blood. We were sisters, twin sisters! Born seconds apart, how could she?” Alinna caressed her face looking into the shattered mirror on the wall. Surgeons said there was nothing they could do to restore the beautiful features she possessed before her tragedy. The marks where branded for life. . Alinna was the prettier of the two and knew she was. Her beauty always gave her lead in all recitals. Alinna isolated herself but still tipped toed to the sad violin! A family of four was now a family of one

The Lina sisters drifted apart after the death of their parents. Their parents were involved in a four car collision right outside of the city, on their way to watch their twin daughter’s recital. The sisters had just turned 18. Kalina took lead as she was the first to be exposed to oxygen. She attained a day job to support both of them. Alinna carried on her education and attended a performing arts school where she continued to perfect ballet, a talent and gift that was nurtured at birth. Madalae, their mother was a ballet instructor and also danced as a child herself. Kalina frustrated because now a second job consumed her soul. She had absolutely no free time. Alinna’s classes were not cheap very pricey and costly. Kalina was growing tired of working day and night to provide a living for Alinna.

“Alinna, I really think it’s time that you retire your ballet slippers, I cannot continue to slave myself while you’re out at all hours enjoying your life.”

“Well no one told you to play mommy to me” as she peeked her head around the wall that divided the kitchen from the front room.

“You are very immature and juvenile Alinna, here I am cooking, working, cleaning and slaving myself for you and you are absolutely ungreatful”

“Sounds like a personal problem to me” as Alinna’s voice trailed up the staircase

Kalina dropped the stirring spoon that she was using to prepare the meal and stampeded up the staircase following Alinna. Alinna slammed the door behind her as Kalina reached for the handle and flung the door open. “Alinna how could you be so ungrateful knowing what we have been through? I find it very hard to believe that you show no emotion towards me as your provider and sister.”

“Get over it Kalina, I will figure out a way to do it for myself quit your job I don’t care get over it your such a mother.”

“Yes, I am like a mother. Our mother rests in peace and taught us well. What has gotten in to you? You have changed so much you are not what momma raised us to be!” Kalina nearly in tears left Alinna to be by herself and marched down the stairs and out the front door…..

To be continued....


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