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The Bargain

Updated on February 20, 2021

I heard an old blues tune
around the time of noon
he sang of love and deceit
I could feel his voice vibrating through my feet
I was entranced and had no choice
but to follow the sound of his voice
he was standing in the middle of an old dirt road
and singing about a soul he once sold
that he had two choices in life
to go left or go right
but he chose wrong
and he must sit here and sing this song
about how he once had it all
and let his greed take over and his love fall

I had a girl named sue
she was always happy and never blue
I met her at the county fair
she had on a yellow dress and black short hair
I threw a curve ball
and won her the best prize of all
an empty heart now full of light
a heart that melted when she smiled so bright
oh together we started a life
when we married and she became my wife
we had two children, a girl and a boy
and they were full of innocence and joy
oh what a life for a man so young!
but I had another dream
a selfish act it may seem
I wanted to become a famous musician
no matter the cost or stipulation
so I picked up my guitar
and I tried really hard
but I was still only the guy with a good tune
and I wished and wished upon that moon
I had to fullfill my lifes need
despite my bitter greed
and I let it consume me
no matter how much my wife would plea
I would beg and I would pray
to anyone who would listen, I might say
then my prayers were answered and I was offered a deal
a deal I can no longer conceal
it was so grand and one I could not refuse
no matter the consequences it might infuse
oh oh oh
I bargained my soul!
yes, I bargained my soul!
he promised me fortune and fame
a life I now shame
I became the man I thought I wanted to be
not looking back to see
at the humble life I once had
oh! it all turned out so bad
there came a day when it was time to repay
for all the favors bestowed up me, he took them away
he took my kids and my beautiful wife
all in exchange for my brand new life
oh boy was I tricked
and my false reality kicked
he took their innocent souls
all because of my greedy goals
I felt stricken with guilt
and my mind began to wilt
I took my own life
with the sharpest thing I could find, a knife
and now my soul is forever lost
and damned at such a tragic cost
so I must sit here and sing this tune
because of redemption I am immune
Oh I was such a fool!
there is no saving of my soul

I patiently waited for his song to end
unsure of what to do until then
I finally approached the singing man
to tell him that I understand
for my lover did the same as he
she sold her soul and became what she thought she wanted to be
but she took too long to realize
and never once really opened her eyes
to look around and see
because of her bitter greed
that her own family was dying
from all her neglect and lying
she broke our innocent hearts
and tore the family apart
now we live in vain
and no longer sane
I became so angry I closed my eyes
and I didn't take the time to realize
that I accidentally set our house aflame
now we are all dead, and I'm the one with shame
he stole our souls from the light
all in devious spite
to repay that bargain he once sold
to my lover on a cold
wintry day
and now here, I also must stay



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