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The Bloody Battle of Hansen's Gap (a True Story)

Updated on June 24, 2022
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John has many years of writing experience in poetry, short fiction and text for children's books. Basically, he just loves to write.

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I feel that it is only fair to issue a warning that this hub contains certain descriptions of realistic violence and bloodshed that may offend sensitive readers. If either of these things make you squeemish or faint you may prefer to stop reading any further And choose a different hub.

If you are a brave adventure seeker, I welcome you to this hub, and please read on.


The Battle of Hansen's Gap

"Have you looked at the big picture?" Jessica asked.

"No, I'm not really keen to - it's kind of scary to even think about," I replied apprehensively.

"I must say it doesn't look good. They are behind enemy lines, so to speak, and may be beyond saving. But it's your call," she shot back at me.

"Can't we just take out the bad guys and try to save the innocent?" I urged, "After all I am quite attached to them. They may have caused me some grief over the years, but it's hard to imagine life without them."

Jessica looked at me, concern on her face, "As I said, it's your decision John, but it could be more trouble for both of us than it's worth. Even if we employ all our resources to save them you'll probably have to say goodbye to them in a couple of years anyway. You don't have to be a hero. It takes bravery to do whatever you choose - save or sacrifice. But you need to decide so we can devise a plan of action."

I thought hard for a moment. This was a big decision but I tried to sound confident and make light of the situation. "Ok General, let's take out the front line offenders first and then concentrate on the right flank."


Dr Jessica Beohm, my dentist, studied the x-ray for a moment. "I think you've made the right choice," she said before tilting the chair back and injecting my mouth with anesthetic. Giving it a few minutes to start working before prodding my gums to test for feeling. "Did you feel that? No? Great, let's do it," she said, before beginning to extract three teeth from the right upper side of my mouth.

While she was busy with the extractions Jessica kept talking to me about other things to try to take my mind off what she was doing to me. She asked me a few questions but I found that weird as I could only answer with a strange mumbling noise or nod slightly. "If it gets too painful, just raise your left hand and I'll stop."

"Mmmmnnock", I replied, raising my left hand and doing an ok symbol. She stopped..

"Did that hurt?" she asked.

"No," I managed to say, "I wuz shuwin ip wuz ok", my lip and nose now completely numb, "Kep goan".

She smiled, relieved that she wasn't torturing me, and resumed the extractions.

"Ok, that's three down," Jessica said standing back as the dental nurse rinsed my mouth and commented a little concerned, "There is a lot of blood. Do you think it may need stitches?"

The dentist inspected my mouth and said to the nurse, "Yes you are right, I think we should put some stitches in." Then to me smiling, "You're bleeding like a stuck pig John. We better put a few stitches in just to be safe." I nodded.

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After administering the stitches, Jessica asked, "How do you feel? We can stop now if you want, or pull another tooth. It's up to you."

"I'n ok," I mumbled, "May'swell tukitout while I'mere."

"Brave man," she said, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Your wish is my command (I'd rather hear that offer from anyone other than a dentist). She preceded to inject, then remove the lower right rear molar. The nurse sucked out the blood and saliva as the dentist inserted the final stitches.

"All finished for today," Jessica said smiling, "I just have a few instructions to give you about how to look after your mouth for the next few days." She handed me a piece of paper and read out the important points..."...don't lie down flat until bedtime, don't rinse your mouth for 24 hours....don't smoke or drink any alcohol...". I nodded in agreement, feeling as though my top lip was dragging on the floor.

"Make another appointment at reception, so we can continue this "battle", but you should recuperate for at least a week or two before we take it on."

Thanks for reading "The Battle of Hansen's Gap".

© 2014 John Hansen


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