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The Bench - A Poem

Updated on August 10, 2014
My family on the bench
My family on the bench


Imagine you were at a park,

And the park had a lake,

And the lake shone like silver,

And it was a warm summer's day.

Now imagine it had a bench,

And the bench had a gift,

It could bring back all the people

That you had always missed.

Now imagine yourself seated there

With the person that you love.

Who are they, what would you say?

Tell me the things you'd speak of.

I'd bring back my grandma,

The one three generations above.

I'd award her for her poetry,

Apologize that my visits weren't voluntary,

I'd give her a running commentary

Of my life and laughter thereof.

I'd admit that my kisses weren't ones of affection

But wrinkled and forced out of kindness.

I'd say I was young and didn't know she was gone

When my parents sadly told us.

Then there's my other grandma.

The one two generations above.

On the other side of the family,

She didn't write any poetry

But she meant the world to my brother and me

And again I was too young to show it.

We run for her now, every year in pink.

We'll kick cancer's butt but it still won't bring

Her back, for good.

I'll tell her how well her daughters are,

How proud she'd be if she knew.

My mum and aunties are the best in the world,

Without them I don't know what I'd do.

It's funny, they say women live longer,

But we were never a conventional family.

At 94 my great pa is still going strong

With the wife beside him a mere memory.

But we're all coping.

And that's what I'll tell them.

They'll be proud.

I don't doubt them.

The annual race for life.
The annual race for life.

© 2014 Amy Naylor


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    • Amy Naylor profile imageAUTHOR

      Amy Naylor 

      4 years ago from England

      Thank you very much! I truly appreciate the feedback

    • Michael-Milec profile image


      4 years ago

      Sighing for lost opportunities... Wise words of your poem justifying our youth in-spite of regrets what we have missed to enjoy and love in those who aren't with us anymore, we reflect the pleasure they provided for us. In my memory they live on, and on...( The older we go, the more those memories coming back. )

      Voted beautiful.

    • Amy Naylor profile imageAUTHOR

      Amy Naylor 

      4 years ago from England

      And thank you Jamie for your wonderful comment. I appreciate it.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 

      4 years ago from Reno NV

      Thank you for this wonderful poem. Jamie

    • Amy Naylor profile imageAUTHOR

      Amy Naylor 

      4 years ago from England

      Thank you for you comment Angie, I love hearing when a poem I have written has touched someone in the way I hoped it would.

    • AngeShearer profile image

      Angie Shearer 

      4 years ago from Whangarei, Northland

      Oh how sometimes I long for that bench chair....thankyou for your beautiful poem...and taking me there to my dad...powerful poetry

    • Amy Naylor profile imageAUTHOR

      Amy Naylor 

      4 years ago from England

      Thank you for your comment Catherine. I wish you good health and long life, it's so sad how cancer effects so many of us.

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      4 years ago from Orlando Florida

      Thank you for the poem. I'm a breast cancer survivor and I hope to still be going strong at 94.

    • Amy Naylor profile imageAUTHOR

      Amy Naylor 

      4 years ago from England

      Thank you very much Billy! Though sometimes I find my self desperately searching for some sort of inspiration, some days things just come. I take no credit for it, I just let it happen!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      What a lovely poem. You have the imagination of a true writer and see things that are not there, a vivid imagination that I can relate to...just a lovely piece of writing.

    • Amy Naylor profile imageAUTHOR

      Amy Naylor 

      4 years ago from England

      It's a shame when that happens, I'm sure we all have family members that we wish we could have met. Thank you for the comment, I appreciate your support.

    • taiwokareem profile image

      Taiwo Kareem 

      4 years ago from Salford

      Wow cool. I guess this poem is about people who are gone in our lives. I've never had the feeling of losing someone so dear to me, but I'd bring back my grandma if I had a wish. I never saw her and she never set her sight on me


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