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The Best Top 5 Guaranteed Top Best Ways To Guarantee Increased Traffic To Your Hubs So You Get More Traffic

Updated on March 31, 2013

All of us here at HubPages are writers, or, at least all of us here at Hubpages imagine that we are writers . . . I mean, we do all write, but we here at HubPages count ourselves writers who ought to be published in some form, and that means we think what we write ought to be read by others. So, we all (here at HubPages) imagine that we are those kind of writers - published and read writers. And, we all understand the heart of a writer, we all know why we write, what drives us to offer our writings to others - cash. I suppose Lord Byron and his hoity-toity pals can reveal their heart, praise what is beautiful, and speak of truth - but that's all tired old fashioned Gobbledygook and it just won't pay the bills when you want to get tiny unicorns painted on your fingernails. However, writing online can bring in the bucks, if you know the secrets to increasing traffic to your hubs. Here are surefire methods of luring cyber-surfers to your hubs ~

The Top 5 ~

#5. Too many writers give their attention to how they write; if they are using language that rightly conveys the thought they are intending to share, if their writing has a flow and feel that carries their thoughts along rather than hindering the reader's attention, etc - point #1, don't worry about how you write, think about what to write. It doesn't really matter how you write, it's not about if you're a good writer or not it's about figuring-out what people are looking for to read, right now. Did tonight's evening sky give you pause and bring to your mind a long ago evening when you were a child, did it cause you to reflect on life and ponder the eternal purpose of being? Then go inside, sit at your computer, forget all that horseshit and do some research on the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce settlement - people aren't googling the meaning of life and they're certainly not googling your poetic rhapsodies on the night sky.

#4. All writers in every age have all offered the same advice to new writers - write what you know. The #2 point is, don't write what you know and care about, write whatever it is others want to read about. You love Hollywood films of 30/40s, you've successfully raised a fine family, you volunteer time for a charitable cause, etc - take it to the forums. When you write a hub, set aside what moves you, forget about what you know about - write a piece on fitting into summer swimwear, how a guardian angel saved your life (or encouraged or inspired you), or why sprinkling pepper on your cantaloupe is good for you (or bad for you, or is what Lady Gaga does, or whatever).

Lord Byron ~ author of "And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes" type horseshit

#3. Wait 5 days after you publish a hub and then Google+ your revenue linking all AdSense tweets through Pinterest - and make sure you use the right images . . . lots of bright colors can induce some readers to feel certain they are reading something legitimately worth reading.

#2. Write about how to increase traffic to your hubs - this will unfailingly increase traffic to your hubs.

#1. And the #1 method to increase traffic to your hubs - get (or make) a small flannel bag (or sack) and place in it the thigh bone of a black cat, 3 collard roots, and an amulet you've smeared a drop of your blood on, wait for a full moon on the 13th of any month, and go down to the crossroads and sell your soul to the devil.

( . . . and, maybe populate your hub's title with words like 'free' or 'new' or 'naked tits')

an apology:

This is just a minor parody, I'm merely poking a little fun at something that I personally can't quite grasp - this is not a serious commentary on how I see things. I would love to earn money from the hubs I write, I wish I had the gumption to learn and the capacity to give my attention to all the hints and methods many share here on genuinely increasing traffic - but, I suppose, I just so prefer the dream that if you write something worth reading, people will (eventually?) read it. I mean no offense at all to any who write to contribute to the support of their family and to pay their own way - I count that an admirable course . . . I was just having a bit of fun.

MickeySr: Getting to Know Mickey Haist, Sr


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