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The Best of Rage Comics

Updated on May 1, 2012

Where did Rage Comics Start?

Everybody knows that Rage Comics are sweeping the nation at a quicker and quicker pace. But, which ones are the best? Where did some faces come from? And why do we continue to laugh at them?

It's because they model everyday life. A simple rage comic can be about your usual shower habits, and thinking you're the only one who does whatever you do, you create the rage comic using a Rage Builder. Then, you post it. Meanwhile, people everywhere read your comic, and laugh because they realize they do it too. Making them laugh either because you're quite funny, or because they're laughing at themselves.


Where Did the People Faces Come From?

The people faces come from actual people, as you would obviously guess. But, do you actually know who they are? Aside from Jackie Chan?
Most people don't.

Derp Faces

Let's start with the not-representing-anyone face.
The Derp Face.
The Derp face is supposed to resemble nobody except whoever you choose it to be. It usually means that there is a person saying something who really just shouldn't have bothered to open their mouth. This person usually says something extremely dumb, and in return, is declared to be a Derp.

The Great Derp Face


The Troll Face

The Troll face is probably the most-known face out there. The troll face is usually used in cases where the person is tricking someone, causing harm, or just annoying someone out of their mind.
A lot of teens will refer to bugging someone, or when someone gets taken advantage of as trolled.
Trolling is a true art though, because you can't get caught.. and if you do, you'll be referred to as a troll.

The True Faces of Rage

Each actual person picture refers to someone,
The first, Yao Ming, is used when someone just says, "Ahh, whatever!" in response to doing something involving danger, exercise or something else along those lines.

Where the True Faces Came From

My Favourite Face Of All

My favourite face of all is probably the Gusta Face. It's used when someone wants to share how happy and overjoyed they are, whilst being cool.


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      Jose 5 years ago

      This was very informative thanks