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The Big Wide Calm: A Book Review

Updated on August 23, 2014

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Paige Plant, renamed by her Led Zeppelin loving father and groomed to be the next big rock star, offers a strong 20-something female role in the midst of self-analysis while she makes a deal with a singer/songwriter to produce her world-changing album – for free – or so she thinks.

Paige enters a world of stardom and struggle as she wrestles with who she is. The inner conflict she experiences is very relatable, even to those of us with no musical talent. Marcello’s writing evokes a personal relationship with his characters that make the reader feel like they already know them, and despite Paige’s over-confident attitude, she is still admirable for her perseverance. The characters details are seamlessly woven into the narrative, making them quirky and engaging. Paige’s mysterious mentor, John, makes the reader just as curious about him as Paige. There is nothing better than being able to picture the people you read about when just provided with words – a sign of a great writer.

Marcello’s writing showcases his musical experience, as the reader dives into music’s creative process. Songwriting and music production is highlighted throughout the book and offers a learning experience for readers not otherwise familiar with these processes while making a musically inclined reader feel right at home.

The Big Wide Calm is a story of realizing your passions and what fuels them. Marcello examines what lengths one will go in order to protect the ones they love while evolving as a person. Anyone stuck in the midst of questioning their dreams should read this book – You will gain a new perspective on your own life while being sucked into Paige’s!

Meet: Rich Marcello


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