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The Black Illuminarti

Updated on September 17, 2015

Black Illuminarti


The black ‎illuminati Born 1943 Jabu Black Dillinger Ncala.

Wed Joyce Thembani Ngobese, loyal‎ on earth.

Initiated 1980 July 05.Nkosinathi " Gods Poet Nkosi" was born‎.

My dream.

Before I die.

I would worship every soul from all races all classes, to realise the God within them.

No matter the circumstances.

No matter the obstacles.

No matter the challenges.

Your life is a gift from the universe.

Nourish the thoughts that come to your mind.

Your soul embodies your life and eternity.

Adversity is never silent, it is our shadow.

Nurture your thoughts.

This is your life.Protect your heart.

Keep it real, the paparazzi are haters, forget em.Gossip only means your haters are rejoicing in your pain.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Worship God.

Girls want adventure and comfort.Stack your paper, Gee.

Don't fall sleep nigger.We all gotta go.

Don't close your eyes *igger.

We all gotta die.

They see your dreams when you close your eyes.

Don't go to sleep.

Get your cash on n‎igger.

Every body dies‎.

They got me under surveillance.

Tupac Shakur.

I got shot.I left the hospital the same day.

Read the newspapers name a nigger that did that.Name the day l, name the month.

Don't run out of breath every step could be death.

Let me die.

As I rest in peace.

We only run, it is the po po.

Do not cry.

Just ask why?

As I take you through a ghetto allaby.


I pray to to the Lord.

But unfortunately he ignores me, cause I am guilty.

My neighbour having conversations with under covers.

I send her a present in the mail.

I hope she get it.

Happy birthday beeeactch....

I check the house before I bone.

Niggerz ‎don't like me because I am thugging.

They want to see me buried I am worried I stare down the barrel of my 9.

Who can I trust.Will they be Geez?

Or will they give me two in the head , while I am asleep?

I say a prayer.

Lord are you there.

Closed casket and no one's theres.

Cause in the end everybody dies lonely.

I ain't scared to die.

Tupac Shakur

Are you afraid to die or do you want to live forever?

You *iggerz ain't ready for war, I let my balls hang.Tupac Shakur.


The black illuminati

You are God.Our destination is not jail bound, locked down.

Police harass ‎us.Stack your paper. Watch out for the police.

Get you stash legit.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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