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The Black Path: A Book Review

Updated on May 30, 2011

The Black Path is a novel by AsA Larsson, published by Bantam Dell and translated by Marlaine Delargy.

The core of this book is the murder of Inna Wattrang. She was murdered and put in a house used for ice fishing. Anna-Maria Mella and Sven Erik Stalnacke are the police officers assigned to investigate the murder. During the investigation, Anna-Marie realizes it is more than a murder and asks Rebecka Martinsson from the prosecutor’s office to help in the investigation. As she investigates, the plot becomes wider. This Larsson’s third novel that features Martinsson.

The story moves back and forth between Martinsson and the Wattrangs. The plots move about to touch on the murder. isn’t a procedural, but closer to a psychological thriller.

Asa Larsson is an excellent writer and Delargy’s translation reads well. There are several unexpected plot twists with riveting sections. This is a good book and I recommend it, but with reservations. I would have preferred a few less plot lines, but Larsson is good enough at handling them and they all fit into the story. I recommend The Black Path.


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