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The Black Shelter Dog

Updated on July 15, 2019
Mochi, our third rescue dog with Mr. Piggie.
Mochi, our third rescue dog with Mr. Piggie.
I saw you come in...looking...searching.
I traced and retraced your gaze
It seems I am invisible...unnoticeable
Many of us come in confused...afraid.
Some of us are lost, 
Some are surrendered.
We all have wanted one thing...
A family to call our own.

Unwarranted misconceptions and 
superstitions played a part on our fate.
Hollywood movies portrayed us to be 
Old wives tale states that we are workers 
of evil and bearers of bad omen.

Other cultures and beliefs associate 
our color with the devil.
For some, it symbolizes grief and death.
My heart just bleeds for those who are 
out of  time and were put to sleep.

We are often overlooked, unwanted and 
killed at a higher rate.
They said, our portraits doesn't 
look good.
But I tell you, we also have a 
heart of gold.

Statistics show we are the first 
and the last.
The first to get euthanized and the last to find homes.
An ongoing sad situation impacting our 
whole nation.

Have you noticed me? I'm the black dog 
in the next kennel 
patiently waiting for you.
Brown, tan, white, yellow or black.
We are all the same, 
yet all have different luck.
Some are spoiled rotten, 
others are neglected.
Some are easily adopted, but there's more 
that waited and put to sleep.

He got tired from our morning 3-mile walk.
He got tired from our morning 3-mile walk.
I looked at you begging,
Please take me home.
This shelter is cold and I want to be 
in your arms warm.
I am the best friend that 
you could ever want.
Just look into my eyes and go past beyond 
the color of my fur.
It's the biggest hurdle that lets 
you see my soul.

We have different color 
but we are all the same.
I will be your loyal and trusting 
A loving protector and valiant guard.
I will please you any way I could.
Learning new tricks, playing fetch or 
simply just sitting beside you.
I will listen to you even if I could not 
understand your words.
And wipe away your tears with a smile or 
a lick on your face.
I will not judge you for the things 
you did or what you said.
Know that I am your biggest fan...
I adore and love you.

Loves to watch...and chase birds.
Loves to watch...and chase birds.
I thank you for giving me shelter...
a warm home and a heart that loves.
And in return, I am giving you my all 
even if it meant my life.

Patiently waiting for Dad to come back.
Patiently waiting for Dad to come back.

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