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The Bleed (Pt. 1) -a poem

Updated on August 13, 2013
Copyright-Nick Wolf
Copyright-Nick Wolf

The Bleed (Pt. 1)

The frustration,

I won't let it bring me to destruction

Instead, I let it bleed

From this pen I let it bleed out on the paper

All the confusion, the questions, and the pain

I let it bleed out on the page

I'm sick of all the criticizing

I'm sick of all the categorizing

I'm sick of all the gossip and talk that is going on around me

Whether it's about me, or not;

I hate the gossip

All this anger causes me to pick up this pen

And let it bleed on the paper

My feelings,

My emotions;

I take this pen and express myself through it

I let it bleed

I can't stand this pain,

And I don't know how to escape it

So, for now, I'll keep going

And I'll keep expressing

I'll continue to bleed my pain on the paper

Hopefully, someday, all this bleeding out will turn into something extraordinary

Til' then, I'll keep bleeding on this page

And I'll keep releasing and expressing myself on this piece of paper

-Nick Wolf 6/1/2013


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