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The Bleed (Pt. 2) -a poem

Updated on August 13, 2013
Copyright- Nick Wolf
Copyright- Nick Wolf

The Bleed (Pt. 2)

This utensil that I hold in my hand

Is a helpful way to express my pain

The ink that is being leaked onto this page

Is a release of the welled up emotions that lie within my being

With every swift and turn that creases into this page,

My blood that tends to boil finds a way to escape this chaotic phase

It's as if the ink is my blood

That runs through my veins and finds an outlet to release my pains

Through this ink my boiling blood finds a way to escape this hectic flow

The blood bleeds onto the paper

This ink pours out my emotions

Writing is my passion

Writing is my escape from this chaotic world

With every blow that life gives,

With every tear that I shed,

With all the overwhelming thoughts that run inside my head,

With every hopeless moment;

I grab this pen

And let the ink flow

With every swift and turn that creases into this page,

I let my emotions go

I let the pen bleed all the pain that is within me

And by this ink I feel at ease

And I feel a sense of peace

So, I'll continue to let the ink bleed

Because without it;

I won't feel at ease

And I won't feel any peace

-Nick Wolf 6/13/2012


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