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The Blighted [Urban fantasy series] 9

Updated on July 30, 2015

Urban fantasy

Pierre Jacques

Chapter 7

They were almost there, PJ couldn’t see the church, nor anything else outside the S.U.V’s headlights, but he knew the way. It was a supply catch he’d used more then a few times over the years.
Pierre Jacques was a very dark skinned, short powerfully built man of fifty-six. Do to a steady diet of mystically altered herbs he was in better shape then most men half his age.
His long Rasta locks were tied back revealing a hard face lacking any kind of saving grace. He’d be the first to admit he was ugly. His looks and the oppressive poverty of the island he grew up on, were his main reason for pursuing voodoo.
As an orphan begging at vacation retreats, all he dreamed off was having a family and being one of the pretty people. He’d been obsessed with beautiful women, and swore that he’d one day have one as a wife, and they would have beautiful kids and live happy lives like the pretty peoples whose scraps he survived off of.
Voodoo had promised to provide that. All it delivered was power, to much power for one so hungry.
Soon there was plenty money, to many beautiful women to ever settle down and chose a wife. But that was twenty-seven years ago, a whole other life. He no longer practiced voodoo, he’d given up magic when he’d joined the hunters and realized what it tied him to.
Cold turkey hadn’t worked for him though. magic is drawn to magic, once the connection is made, the energies are naturally drawn to a person and accumulate, begging to be released. So he continued to make potions as a way to wean himself from the mystic forces. It had worked slowly over the years. He still maintained a good magic charge although now he couldn’t cast a spell if he wanted to. Then of course there was his crutch.
He looked down at the sword cane he held in his right hand. It was saved from being as ugly as him by the smoothness of its brown finish, but it was ugly. A knurled thing, ornamented with jewels of varies sizes and colors, tipped with a small crystal ball. The center of which, now danced with light red, sparks of yellow and orange, and pulled slightly in the direction of the church.
"Sanchez, follow the road and lead the others in." He said in a thick Caribbean accent.
" Everybody geared up and ready. We’re goin in hot, blights and magic."
Came in response from the trailing vehicles. A Sudan, two vans, and a mobile home towing a trailer.
PJ had gotten the team moving as soon as he’d been contacted by sanctuary. What he had of it anyway. They’d taken a beating two days prior. An old enemy caught up with him. The casualties were significant. They’d been rendered combat ineffective as a field command unit and were waiting for replacements when the message came through. He’d wanted a portal but had lost both his transportation spell casters in the assault. Sanctuary couldn’t help they were busy getting ready for the rift closing.
The dimensional aperture closed and communication had been lost. This rift lead to the pocket dimension that houses the island of atlantes and’ sanctuary the Organizations global head quarters. The rift opened and closed randomly.
They usually got a fifteen-thirty hour warning, about a quarter of the time, like now, they only got an hour or two.
Sanctuary said it would be a day or two before they should expect any kind of material support. Which translated into, they had no idea when the rift would be opening again. It rarely closed less then a day, the longest had been eight. Most of the time they could narrow it down. When they couldn’t they said a day or two.
With something this big more teams would be inbound the old fashion way. Not soon enough. As the north eastern hemispheres field commander he knew where all his unites were, and only two teams were close enough to affect the outcome. That’s if the time line for the ritual he’d received were right.
PJ wasn’t worried about the old one, he didn’t believe anything that powerful would ever successfully cross over, such a thing would likely lead to the extinction of man.
That couldn’t happen because it would invalidate Gods word. So they would stop the mad man.
Still the big man was worried. The message had said Donovan’s team had been lost in an ambush by werewolves. That would mean his Daughter and brother were alone dealing with whatever was going on in the church.
"Mac, Sky, what you getting?" He asked over his shoulder, from the passenger seat.
"The same thing, but I’m not picking up any hunters." Aaron Macanovic answered first, in a slight Russian accent.
He was a husky forty seven year old tk/sensitive. He wouldn’t sense Donovan or Jasmine; they’re both masked to well. She had the Talon and her psy ability. He had his cross and a lot of experience at thought suppression.
"I can see it." Sky answered, a small pretty young women, with long straight jet black hair a gift from her Apache father, and her Irish mothers sparkling green eyes.
She peered through the blackness with magic night vision and, watched with a literal birds eye view as the doors slammed back in place.
"Lot of powers getting tossed around in there."
"Point the way." PJ drawled.
Sky leaned forward and pointed off the round slightly to the right. Loran, the driver, a cop in her early thirties looked up fearful. She had been with them for less then a month.
"Do it, and give it some gas newbie, the truck can take it."
The S.U.V veered off road, losing little speed on the relatively flat ground.
"Tex." PJ radioed the Sudan. "Stay with us. Every body else, stay on the road and follow Sanchez in."
"Where coming up on the side." Sky said.
"Get ready to make us a door."
The young witch stood on the seat and levitated slightly to get her upper body out the sunroof. She looked up at her familiar, a black raven named Wind keeping pace above them.
"We’re almost there!" She yelled to be heard over the wind shear.
The vehicle began to slow. "No don’t stop till we’re through the wall." PJ barked at the nervous newbie.
"But I can’t see anything out there!" She barked back.
"Sky wont let us crash, give it some gas." He felt for her, she was scared. So was he, for completely different reasons, but there was nothing he could do for either of them. "When we’re in, Elmer…”
"Yeah." Elmer young thin, bespeckled man, answered nervously checking his gear in the far back of the truck.
"You and Ahkmed..." A handsome Palestinian of around the same age sitting beside Elmer. "...on the spell caster. Mac, Sky, I want both of you on defense until we know what we’re dealing with. Aztec, Z, Tex…"
"With ya boss." Aztec answered for all of them in the Sudan
"Tex your security for Elmer, Aztec you and Z with me."
"What about me!?" Loran asked struggling to control the speeding bucking suburban, the outside of the building loomed in the distance, solid black, surrounded by vaporous black growing rapidly as it rushed towards them.
"Stay close to me, keep ya head down, and do what I say the moment I say it. DON’T YOU TURN THAT D**N WHEELE!!!”
A cinder block wall appeared in the headlights. Loran screamed, closed her eyes and stood on the brake. Fighting the instinct to jerk the wheel in an effort to avoid a collision, but a section of cinderblock in front of them disintegrated struck by a dazzling yellow light fired from the roof of the S.UV. it skid bounced and rattled, over and off of, shattered pews, splintered beams and chunks of ceiling before stopping in the church.

The first thing to register to Loran about the nightmare landscape was the sound. It was the most horrible things she’d ever heard.
Hi-pitched whispered wailing, punctuated by heavy extremely low-pitched ones. The screams seemed barley audible yet painfully loud at the same time.
The next was the smell, gag inducing, stagnant cesspool stench. She opened her eyes, and was actually relived by what she saw. It was bad, but from what she heard and smelled she was ready for worse.
Things fluttered past the headlights, and out side the beam in an odd red glow. Gunfire was erupting under the screams, and PJ was yelling on the radio. She looked over and back realizing she was the only one still in the suburban.

Just kill'em and we'll find out later

D****t!! Miranda, the Anarchist, thought from the pulpit launching herself into the air. Firing a powerful bolt of red electricity at the S.U.V as it pulled into the church. The attack was weakened as it destroyed a TK bubble protecting the vehicle and stopped dead by a magic field under that.
Then she saw her, the one generating the protective field. The one that gave away the well masked team as it approached. A spell caster younger then her, probably a witch, regardless she was way to powerful for her age. The girl stood on the S.U.V, clad in all black armor and dark cloths, yellow aura armor surrounding her. Nearly as bright as Miranda’s red.
She blinked and willed a simple incantation; Sky’s magic energies came into view, strong yellows, considerable reds, and subdued greens, mixing together in abundance. She was nearly as powerful as Miranda, but from how it flowed and swirled the arcanist knew the girl wasn’t as skillful.
Still her power bothered Miranda for a number of reasons, the least being she had been trained in magic since she was old enough to walk, and really believe herself to be the most powerful spell caster in her age group. This girl was nearly as powerful as her now and probably willed twice the energies she had at her age.
The most being the girls’ arrival meant she was in trouble. Miranda was more skillful and had to have a better spell repertoire so she could handle the little witch. And she’d faced mercs but never the infamous Organization’s blight Hunters. But seeing as most Mercs were at one time or anther blight Hunters, she could handle the gunmen, but both together was a different story. Not to mention the TK bubble, that meant at least one of them was a psy.
"D****t!!!" She yelled it this time, flying evasively as a hail of bullets fired from the hunters exiting the suburban stung her. She was pissed but no fool, she had to retreat. She wanted to be the one to extract revenge for her mother. But her father would summon his army tomorrow night at the latest, they would all be dead soon enough.
"Keith! Marlon!" She looked for he students. Keith was cowering in the corner invisible using the bone flute. NO!
Marlon, one of her best students and her favorite lover lay dead.
Before Miranda could digest this, she was immobilized and being crushed by a tk field. Anger pumped through her, mixing with and being fueled by death magic, both begging to be released. She was happy to oblige.

"I got her" Mac yelled, struggling to hold the arcanist.
PJ barely noticed. He led Z, Aztec, and Lorain cutting a swath through the swarm heading for its source.
Since Aztec had taken out one of the larger minions fighting a white kid who had the Talon of Horus he’d found it very hard to concentrate on the battle.
The kid had jumped behind a large chunk of rubble. Who was he? Why did he have the Talon? Where was Jasmine?
"Papa!!" Z shoved him to the side and took out a big one that had been coming right at him with a well-placed burst to the face blowing out the things eye.

The team had come in with a main load of silver just in case, with two anti-v magazines’ and one gold apiece. The silver wasn’t working very well against the things; only shots to the eye seemed to put them down.
PJ considered an ammunition alternative, trying to force his mind back to the fight.
Their all right, this little skirmish is nothing.
He’d find Jasmine but first he had to stop these things from multiplying, the big ones with such large eyes were easy pickings, but anymore of the little ones and they would be overwhelmed.
He moved forward Mac-10 in one hand gunning a cloud of newly generated flyers out the air as they headed straight at them. Then raising his cane and activating a reveal incantation stored in one of the jewels
The crystal bathed the area in yellow, illuminating a surprised young arcanist playing an odd flute.
"Cover me!" He yelled rushing toward the flute player.
The young man had aura armor, so he just let the Mac fall to his side as he dashed forward pulling the magic sword from the cane.
Z, and Aztec quickly repositioned. Aztec came forward firing over his head wounding and scattering a group of flyers. Z grabbed Loran and positioned her so they all stood shoulder to shoulder.
The flute player stopped playing and tried to defend himself, but PJ was on him in three quick strides. The aura armor offered some resistance, but not enough. The blade penetrated the young man in the gut, severing his spine and pinning him to the wall.
PJ starred in his surprised, pained eyes, unable to feel pity. One thought hammering in his mind.
What have you done with my child?
He yanked the sword upward into his rib cage. The arcanist squirmed and whimpered for his mother before slumping dead. With the magic armor gone, so was resistance to the blade. The dead mans own body weight. began to split him in two. Something PJ watched dazed hart sick with rage.
She’d better be all right, Where’s Donovan?
"PJ! On your right, I don’t got a shot!” Aztec seemed to call from miles away. But the moan and horrid smell came from way to close.
A large minion closed on him from the right, the side of its body absorbing a hale of fire from Aztecs M16. Two tentacles sprung from its side and reached for him.
PJ yanked the sword from the dead man; side stepped and severed both tentacles in one fluid motion. Then pummeled the things head with Mac fire blowing out its eye.

Moments earlier.
"I got her!" Came over Elmer’s radio, as he ducked firing into the flying things with his UZI.
At this he came around the back of the S.U.V readying his other weapon. A dart rifle under slung with a 20 gauge Ithaca shotgun.
The dart rifle was loaded with a special concoction of sedatives, and herbs. The sedatives wouldn’t put out an arcanist of any power but it did hamper their ability to cast spells, and the herbs limited their connection to magic.
But he first readied the 20 gauge. It wasn’t loaded with buck or standard solid slug, but a low velocity solid chunk of Minotaur horn. It could dissipate most solid magic energy fields on contact, allowing the team a window to strike while the spell caster recast their protective field.
"Drop shell out!" He fired

Miranda spotted the psy holding her and reached for him with hungry magic. He was well defended but not well enough. His grip broke as her spell blinded him and another near by. Before she could find any pleaser in this, she was hit and her aura was gone. She was hit two more times before she could even consider why. Once with a dart, and then a bullet in the upper chest that sent her spinning.
Miranda caught her self, and blocked an incoming barrage of bullets and magic bolts with a quick shield. Activated a charm bracelet containing a human soul that generated powerful healing magic. She screamed as the bullet was pressed from her body and the hole healed.
She dipped and dodged in the air as the shield collapsed under the fire. She couldn’t connect to most of her power, and her shield had been sloppy and weak. The f***ers had drugged her. She had to go.
Miranda waved her hand going intangible as they found her with their fire. The bullets past harmlessly though. She scanned the chaos looking for Francis.
He was face down on the floor nearly cut in two, the minions all but decimated. A short, stocky, troll ugly dread locked man was charging her with a sword radiating an impressive amount of magic.

"She blinded me." Mac yelled, slamming himself back against the S.U.V, and creating a protective tk bubble. He could still feel the sick things swooping around him in his mind, but held his fire for fear of hitting one of the others.
"She got me to!!" A panicked yell from Ahkmed, at the group’s far right flank. Staggering their general direction away from the group of flyers he’d been holding at bay.
The little predators perceived his weakness quickly and pounced. His screams filled the airwaves as they slammed him to the ground. Elmer fired another drop shell at the Arcanist trying to end the fight, but she went intangible.
Sky fired one more bolt at the women, and then hopped off the roof to help Ahkmed.
"What are these d**n things!?" Elmer asked moving to cover Mac as Tex tried to counter act the blindness
"I don’t know you’re suppose to be the expert!" Sky answered trying to scatter the creatures on Ahkmed with a wind gust. This just made him scream louder as they dug their claws in to hold on.
"Never seen them in any of the books." Elmer said taking out two that swooped in on them and winging a couple more.
"Just kill'em and we'll find out later." Tex said, studying the pulsating magic curse covering Mac. He knew some counter magic but the skill of this spell was far out of his league.
"Agreed." Sky dug deep, burning up lots of her reserves to connect with her pool of life magic, making a hand sign, and pushing it out in a wave of green energy that disintegrating the things as it blew over the downed hunter. She ran to Ahkmed’s side and pulled out a hand full of potions.
Most of his armor was gone, along with his flesh, and way to much muscle and bone. Blood squirted from all over him and in some places organs were visible.
Sky had seen worse. She uncorked all three potions and poured them on him. The pumping blood immediately tapered to simply flowing, and some bone and muscle grew back, but it wasn’t enough.
She dug deep again for the life magic, touched him were there was still flesh and mumbled the only healing incantation she knew. It wasn’t powerful and would burn a lot of her energy, but she had to stabilize him.
She opened her eyes, he hadn’t grown back much tissue but the bleeding had stopped, and mercifully he’d passed out. It would have to be good enough, the battle wasn’t over. Life magic used too much of her energy, at the moment she couldn’t afford it.
"Hold on Ahkmed” She wanted to do more but there was nothing else she could do. So she turned back to the fight. As long as the women was intangible magic was the best weapon they had against her.

Miranda reached for the dread locked man with death magic. No good, the drug had her to weak and he was too well protected.
The man threw the sword; she deflected it with a wind gust, then snared him around the legs with animated floorboards. She tried to finish him off with a powerful red spirit bolt, but it came out weakened and was stopped by a field generated by the witch.

Miranda turned and hammered the girl with all the power she could muster. Sending the little witch bouncing off the S.U.V grill with so much force it rolled back and smashed into the sedan behind it.
Miranda hit her again as she tried to regain her feat and was going for a third but was rocked by a wave of heat washing through her.

Tex was a mage. He wasn’t born to magic, nor did he spend near enough time studying and practicing it to be considered an arcanist. He had learned to access it and cast a small number of useful spells. He’d been struggling uselessly at countering the womens blindness spell when...

"Watch out!" Elmer yelled, as sky crashed into the S.U.V beside them, and went rolling.
"Any ideas!?" Elmer hopped up shooting down one of the few flyers still harassing their position
"Behind you!" Mac yelled, still blinded spraying from the ground at a group he felt coming up behind Elmer.
The Arcanist hit Sky again before she could get up. PJ and the others were all but surrounded by minions big and small. Tex realized it was up to him.
" Cover me!" He yelled heading for the Arcanist who was gathering a large ball of red magic above her head.
Tex clapped his hands together and worked to get the perfect tones of the incantation, felt the magic shift in him, then in a patty cake motion, pressed it out in a solid stream of flame that past right through the women.
She screamed, drawing her knees and arms in, in a pained defensive gesture. It was his most powerful offensive spell and it burned all of his energy.
Unfortunately it didn’t even knock her out the air. She looked down at him sneering. Tex tried to dive for cover but every thing went black as he was struck in the side by a bolt of liquid like red and knocked rolling unconscious. Smoke rising from the fist sized hole in his armor.

Sorry not that lucky

Sky’s groggy thought was as good as an order to her familiar. Wind the raven, swooped over the S.U.V landing on PJ’s sword. The bird used its magic to levitate the weapon and drag it through the air, weaving gunfire and minions to drop it in PJ’s waiting palm.

PJ sheaved the blade spun the staff in his hand and tapped the crystal ball against the floorboards. Canceling the magic, the wood released its grip on him and returned to its place.
He was about to go back after the women but something had appeared in the middle of his loose fighting circle.
...Oh no...
"Its not real!!" He yelled, but was hit in the side by one of the woman’s bolts and sent flying before he could say any more.

Something big, hairy, multi mouthed and covered in spike had appeared beside Lorain. The newbie turned screaming and firing her Ak47 into it.
"No!!" PJ was up cradling a wound taking out two big minions as he ran back towards them.
The bullets passed through the illusion striking Z and Aztec in the back. Z collapsed fighting to breath past the blood filling her lungs. Aztec crumbled already dead, most of his head missing.
D***T PJ stopped running and fired into the cloud of flyers above his downed troops Killing or winging a few, scattering the rest before they could pounce.
The spiked creature slashed Loran across the stomach, she watched in pain and horror as her guts poured out the gash in her armor. Mouth open, in a mute scream she dropped her gun and fell to her knees tying to hold them in. One of its mouths bent with her. She looked up and found her voice with an ear splitting scream, starring in to jaws unhinging to bite her head off.
A sword blade appeared sticking out of the things chest. Then it was gone, and so was the pain. PJ was standing where it had been re-sheathing his sword and turning to fire on the remaining flyers.
Lorain looked down, her body and armor was completely intact. But Z’s feet still drummed at the ground and Aztec was still
...oh God no...
She scrambled over to them too horrified to act, sobbing uncontrollably felling helplessly in over her head.

Miranda was pleased by the illusion, but she couldn’t stay intangible much longer, And more hunters had just entered from the hole in the wall. Some of them were psys, and the witch was getting up. She gave a quick once over for the little n****r that killed her mother, didn’t see him. She had wanted one more shot at him, but it wouldn’t do to stay and be killed to kill a dead man.
She called the Bone flute to her hand and flew through the roof straight up into the night sky.

"Keep the minions off me newbie!" PJ barked pissed watching the women go. He knew it was probably for the best. He wanted to find his daughter and Donovan, the sooner the fight was over the sooner he could get to that. But they almost had her and he didn’t want to deal with her later when she would be fresh.
"But I....I" Lorain blithering crouched on the floor over her handy work. He felt for her, she had done it but it wasn’t her fault. You live and you learn, or you don’t and you die sooner. Either way they didn’t have time for her guilt.
PJ shot a swooping minion out the sky and a big one in the eye. Then pulled Loran to her feet and thrust the Mac-10 against her chest.
"I know! now cover me or she’s goin to die!" He yelled in her face pointing at Z.
Loran took the weapon like it might bite her. "Behind you." He spun her around, worried for a second. But she fired on one of the big ones, peppering its body before blowing out its eye.
It would have to do until the rest of the team coming in got to them, Aztec was in victory and PJ didn’t plan on just watching Z follow him.
He pulled a potion. "I got you Z. Don’t worry." poured it in her mouth and covered it with his hand as she gagged trying to cough up blood.
"Don’t try an swallow it, just keep it in your mouth till its gone."
She fought harder to clear her mouth, to get the blood out her lungs, panicked eyes searching PJ’s face.
"Trust me girl." He was hopping it wasn’t as bad as he figure it was, but of course it was.
It was the armor. The armor was great, almost too good. Against magic bolts, teeth and claws it worked just fine. Small caliber bullets just as good, even at point blank range. But when it came to Hi velocity rifle rounds it tended to work against itself.
This close a regular rifle bullet would have just passed through, but she had been using silver. Far less penetrating power then lead. It was strong enough to get in one side of the armor but lost speed and shattered in the hunters body.
His potions weren’t strong enough to heal her with bullet fragments still in the wounds.
Z’s feet stopped kicking and she calmed a bit, but she still wasn’t breathing. PJ poured another potion in he mouth he didn’t have to hold her this time. She just stared back eyes pleading.
The potions would oxides her cells, heal much of the peripheral tissue damage and slow her blood loss until Sanchez or Julius could do psy surgery on her to remove the fragments.
"Lay still, your not goin to be able to breath and you might pass out, but your not dying. A healers on the way."
She closed her eyes tears flowing now, and nodded. He knew she trusted him, but being told your going to suffocate maybe till unconsciousness is a tough pill to swallow. She was a soldier she’d deal with it.
He looked around spotted Julius and flagged him over. Where’s Donovan? Where’s my daughter.

When the church wall had been blown in by Sky’s bolt, Donovan had grabbed David and found shelter behind a large section of collapsed ceiling. Marshal followed after the battle started.
Donovan had planed on joining in but he was so tired it just seemed smarter to sit this one out. He’d heard PJ yelling, they wouldn’t need his help.
The three sat the rest of the fight out, David unconscious in the middle Marshal and Donovan picking off any minions that straggled their way.
Whatever the infection the things carried it was spreading through Donavan’s system fast. The itching had reached every part of his body. The flesh around his wounds was rapidly turning into something putrid. He figured he was turning into some form of human minion.
Marshal too, he’d noticed the kid scratching his leg regularly, but he’d only been bit once so he was turning slower. He shouldn’t have been turning at all. The boy must still be in denial. He was a demon slayer. The weapon would allow him to see the invisible and should be protecting him from magic curses. This was 101 the first few minutes type abilities. Anyone holding the blade should get such protection. If it wasn’t working for him, he was actively fighting against it. He’d seen it before. Faith based items and denial didn’t go together well. He wouldn’t grow into his ability until he accepted reality.
The women had retreated and the gunfire was letting up. Donovan let his head fall back against the wall and prayed. His eyes itched and his lids were impossibly heavy. Just have to hold on.
PJ or Sky would have something to cure them. They had to.
"Yeah." Marshal was emotionally exhausted, and had been lost in thought about a life and a world he knew he could never go back to. He was also getting weak and itching pretty bad. He hoped it was nothing, wanted, needed it to be nothing. But was pretty sure it was going to kill him.
"You still with me kid?"
"Yeah but I don’t feel right."
"Sleepy and itchy?"
"Yeah, my leg where that thing bit me. Think it was poisonous?”
Sorry not that lucky. "Something like that. Just hold on we’re going to be alright"
Donovan tried to get up and found he couldn’t. "I’m further along then you, so I need you to do something."
"What now!?" Marshal whinnied, the hurt he’d been corking up since the hotel bubbling out.
"You do know I hate you people don’t you? You do know that. I mean your little war killed my parents and stole my life..."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, kid. Shot me or shut the hell up. Because if you don’t help me I’m dead and I’d rather go with out listening to that bull***t."
"Bull***t? My parents are dead. You’re so fuckin lucky I’m to tired to swing this sword." He whimpered, breaking into sobs. Thinking of all the gore he’d seen and wondering in what kind of horrible way his mom and dad had died. After what he’d just witnessed not knowing if they suffered just seemed to much.
"I know me. I know." He wished he could tell him it would get better, but Donovan tried not to lie to his charges.
"But look, I need you to get their attention. I cant wait for them to look for us...If I don’t get help soon I’m not going to make it."
Marshal whipped his tears and took a good look at Donovan. He was in terrible shape. Where his flesh wasn’t a gooey greenish brown, it was transparent pale. His eyes were closed and when he spoke nothing but his mouth moved.
Marshal was surprise by the level of fear he felt by the sight. He didn’t like Donovan, nor anything else about this new world he’d entered. But at the moment Donovan, David and the sword were all he had and he wasn’t in any hurry to be alone.
"Yeah...Ok you just…Don’t die.”
"If you hurry up...Get PJ. He’s got locks or Sky girl with....Just get somebody’s attention and ask for them."

PJ stared at the hand. It had soft features, small and delicate. He exhaled heavily, the first time since he’d come across it sticking out from under a pile of ruble in the pool pit.
No thoughts, he couldn’t think. He knew who’s it was and what it meant. He just desperately didn’t want to admit it. Needed to not admit it. He bent slowly pushed at a large beam covering the pile.
"They found Donavan!" Sky was running up behind him. "He was infected with some kind of curse I handled it. he was with this white guy that has Tal..." She got beside him and realized what he was doing.
With a gesture of her hand and the expulsion of the slightest bit of magic the beam was levitated and set aside.
"Is it..." She just left the question there because she knew who it was.
Sky was mystified. How could Jasmine be dead? It didn’t even seem possible. Sky had fought dragons and Zerion (hells bounty hunters) with the women.
Werewolves are nothing, she found herself getting mad at Jasmine. Sky had seen her beat down all types of weres and worst barehanded. Before she even got the sword. Before she became a Demon Slayer, how could she be dead?
PJ cleared rubble from her face, and there she was....he sighed heavily and brought a hand to his mouth to restrain a sob.
"Where’s Donavan?"
"He’s..." Sky still focused on Jasmine’s body. "He’s out, the infection was pretty bad, I handled it but it’s going to take him a couple hours to recover. The guy who had...has...Talon...He’s over there." She pointed back to the SUV.
PJ nodded standing, turning away from his child’s body. "How’s the injured, is Z alright
"She’s fine, so is Tex and Ahkmed. We lost Aztec..."
"All right, tell Sanchez to get everyone loaded, we got to get out of here. I need to get her." He fell to one knee and broke down as he turned and made and effort to get Jasmine...
"J!" Sky put an arm around his shoulder squeezing him tight. "You just wait here, I’ll tell Sanchez and come back and help you ok. She was...She’s in victory papa.
He squeezed her hand. "I know."
"And." She turned the big black mans tear filled eyes to hers. "The rest of your kids still need you. We can’t do this with out you. I…" She shook her head trying to keep from breaking down herself. “I definitely cant.”
"Yes, yes don’t worry I'm still with you." He squeezed her hand again. “ We have to get moving."

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