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The Blue Line

Updated on June 14, 2017

The Blue Line

Who are the police? Are they the guys and gals you call when you need someone to save your life? Are they the people you call when someone takes something from you that you worked hard to get? Who are these people?

I am here to tell you they are you. They are us, they are fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, friends, daughters, and sons. They bleed red, just like everyone else. They have bad days just like everyone else. I am here to explain that the media has biased law enforcement. They have changed the public perception of these wonderful people who are willing to throw themselves in harm’s way for a complete stranger, someone whom they have never even met before. I’d say that is enough for an appreciative wave, or nod. Think about that, I mean really think about it. How many of you reading this article would willingly give your life for someone you did not even know, or someone that perhaps you just fought to arrest? How many? The correct answer is not many. There is nothing wrong with that. Most people wouldn’t. But these men and women have answered a calling. A calling to look danger in the face and stand tall against it. To be the divider between order and chaos. To write a blank check to their community for the price of their life. How much greater of a sacrifice is there? None.

This is something these men and women have decided to do to better their communities. There is not a police officer on the planet who clocks in and wants to take a human life. Not one. Instead they want things to end peacefully. They are after voluntary compliance of the law, nothing more nothing less. Are there bad apples in law enforcement? Of course, but let me assure you every facet of life has rotten apples. Who simply cannot judge one person based on another’s actions. These men and women do their very best to maintain professionalism at all times. They want you to look at them and know they are there to serve and protect you. That is why they took the job. I assure you they did not take the job to get rich.

My next point is that you need to teach your children that law enforcement are not bad people. When they are involved in a bad situation, we want children to run to us so that we can keep them safe, not run from us because they are afraid of us. PET PEEVE ALERT!! If you see a law enforcement officer in a public place, do not, I mean DO NOT tell your child that we are there to take them to jail. This causes fear in children. Fear that when we need them to trust us they will not, because you as a parent, have filled their mind with the idea that we are there to simply take them to jail. Simply bring your child up to us. I assure you anyone of us will happily take a knee and spend a moment talking to your child so that they know we are there to keep them safe.

Now there has always been the assumption that when an officer writes you a ticket, he must have a quota to meet. This is not true. It is illegal to make an officer have a quota. They do, however, have a certain number of citizen contacts that they may need to do. This can be tickets, warnings, or simply a field interview on someone. It is their job to do these things. Do not make it any harder on them if you get a ticket, don’t give them a hard time they are doing their job. They are out trying to make the streets a safer place. You are the one that violated the law. You chose to break the law, they did not do it for you and no, don’t ask for a warning. They don’t go into your workplace and ask for special favors, so why would you ask them for one. Take your ticket and leave. I am not saying you have to be happy about getting one, quite frankly no one is, but again you chose to break the law. Deal with the consequences.

So in closing I want you to stop listening to media, as you know they only report the bad things because that is what people love so see. Instead think about how much those officers sacrifice to keep you and your family safe. They give up holidays, nights, birthdays, anniversaries, and so much more to do the duty they swore to do. So don’t make their job any harder. Instead the next time you see an officer simply give them a thank you for doing the job. A handshake, a high five, a friendly smile. They want to serve you and your community otherwise they could find job making a lot more money with a lot less risk. They are there for the calling to be the thin line that keeps you safe at night. They are the police.


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