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The Book of Daniel

Updated on May 3, 2014
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It is the 27th book in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. And it has 12 Chapters.

The events of the book spanned through the 70 years of Israel’s exile in Babylon under the Babylonian kings Nebuchadnezzar (605-562 B.C. ie 43 years) and Belshazzar (553-539 BC ie 14years), and during the first years of Persian rule under Darius and Cyrus.

The book of Daniel is exciting and tough at the same time. It is complex in its historical and prophetic account of things now past, and things to come.

The story begins with a brief reference to king Nebuchadnezzar invading Judah, the Jerusalem temple and carrying its treasures back to Babylon.

THE FALL OR WHAT LEAD TO JUDAH CAPTIVITY—2Kings17:7, 12-15, 2Kings24:1-3, 2Chron36:14-20

2 Kings 17:7-15

Purpose Of Book Of Daniel And The Division Of The Book Into Two Segments

1. Chapters 1 to 6 : God's providence in history - Dan 1:1-6:28 ( History) and

2: Chapters 7 to 12 : ) God's purpose in history - Dan 7:1-12:13 ( Prophesy)

(Mark A Copeland)

  • To proclaim God's sovereign control over human affairs (4:17, 25b, 32b, and 5:21), a lesson which the Jews needed to remember as they faced life in exile under Gentile kings.
  • To provide examples of believers who stood up for their God even in the face of death — examples greatly needed by the Jewish captives in pagan Babylon.
  • To show that everyone is responsible for the consequences of his/her life and choice (4:27-31, 5:22-24)
  • To proof that GOD is THE ULTIMATE REVEALER OF MYSTERIES (2:18-19,47;
  • To showcase GOD‘s faithfulness to those who stand for HIM. (1:18-20, 3:30, 6:25-28)

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The Book of Daniel

  • The big picture of God not just telling Daniel about the End times, but also giving a timeline of all future world kingdoms leading up to the Messiah's second coming.There are no specific dates, but there are successive events in relation to successive kingdoms.
  • God's plan to give dominion over to the Gentile nations until the time of the end when HIS full plan would be revealed.
  • God's sovereign control over the Gentile rule. God hasn't just left the planet only to surface at the end.

Segment 1: Chapters 1—6

God's providence in history - Dan 1:1-6:28 ( History)

Chapter 1--Daniel’s admission and decision--[605 B.C.]

Chapter 2--Nebuchadnezzar's dream -- [604?]

Chapter 3--The fiery furnace -- [585?]

Chapter 4--Nebuchadnezzar's humiliation--[565?]

Chapter 5--The handwriting on the wall--[539]

Chapter 6—Daniel in the lions' den--[540]

Segment 2: Chapters 7-12


Daniel in this book was the key person and he was outstanding and his life influence other three Hebrew young men in land of Babylon. In the Exposition for this Conference which is focus on Chapter 7 & 8 and 11 & 12 .Daniel was given a vision in to what will happen at the end of time.

Daniel had qualities such as :

Character: He made his mind not to do what was wrong in foreign land and before a gentile king.

Conviction: His conviction about knowing the will of God made him to refuse to eat king’s meat and drink meant for idol.

Courage: He risk his life to disobey rule not to pray to God even when he knew the danger of lion’s den.He held his faith in God.

Competence: He had what other magician never had and his ability to interpret king’s dream made king to pay him.

Compassion: He had love for others even in an hostile culture to recommend his friends for lifting.

Charisma : His had a life that is attractive, pleasant, lovely, winning and engaging to the point king want him to play a key or leading role in his government.

Commitment: In the face of pressure to compromise his stand in a culture not favorable to godliness, Daniel commitment to God was commended. His commitment to prayers worth emulating. His commitment to stand alone was seen in this book.


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