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The Books Challenge

Updated on September 3, 2014

Bucket list

My List of 10
My List of 10

The top 10 book challenge

The last couple of weeks quite a lot of challenges are doing the rounds on social media

  • the Ice-bucket challenge - to douse oneself with ice-water and then donate for research on ALS
  • the rice-bucket challenge - donating a bucket of rice or other similar essential item to poor people and posting pics on social media
  • the top ten enduring books challenge - one has to list 10 books that had an enduring effect on the person.

Luckily I wasn't challenged for the first 2 challenges, not that I have anything against them, but just that I would have been hard-pressed taking up the challenge. Deepika published her Top 10 books / authors and asked me to take up the challenge. Thanks Deepika for giving me the opportunity.

My Top 10 Bucket list.

The list of books that affected me (either positively or negatively) when I read them:
1. To Kill a Mocking Bird - Harper Lee
2. Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm - Enid Blyton (My first)
3. Ragtime - E L Doctorow
4. A Fine Balance - Rohinton Mistry
5. Harry Potter series - JKR
6. Illusions - Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah - Richard Bach
7. Silent in the Spring - Mary Westmacott (Agatha Christie)
8. Fountainhead - Ayn Rand (No, I didn't like it - I actually hated it)
9. Crooked House - Agatha Christie
10. மனைவி - அடியார் - I liked it so much that I used to give it as a gift to newly married couples. I recently read some of the kavithaikal in it and I was shocked that I had subscribed to such views.

I don't know whether these books would affect me the same way if I read them now.

Etc. etc. - other books that might have made the list

Further I made this list from recall, so on another day my list might be quite different, so just adding a few more:

  • The Snow Goose - Paul Gallico
  • God Knows - Joseph Heller
  • Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
  • PG Wodehouse
  • More Than Just Biryani - Andaleeb Wajid
  • Don Camillo -
  • The Big Fisherman - Lloyd C Douglas
  • The Prize - Irwing Wallace
  • சுஜாதா கதைகள்
  • துப்பறியும் சாம்பு - தேவன்
  • தரையில் இறங்கும் விமானங்கள் - இந்துமதி
  • Kite Strings and Blinkers Off - Andaleeb Wajid (The first books where the protagonist was a Indian Muslim that I read. I realized how similar people and their emotions were across different cultures.) I like ALL of Andaleeb's books (she's written many of which 6 are published).

Thanks Deepika.


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    • C.V.Rajan profile image


      4 years ago from Kerala, India

      An interesting variety indeed! I vaguely remember reading Fountainhead (I too didn't like it!), The prize, PG Wodehouse (a bit here and there). Otherwise, most of your books are Greek to me!


    • OTEE profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from India

      Thanks for the comment Deepika and also for giving me an opportunity to reminisce.

      PS: Stieg Larsson’s Trilogy – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

      Must read – highly recommended – at least the first of the trilogy.

    • Deepika Arun profile image

      Deepika Arun 

      4 years ago from Chennai, India

      "I don't know whether these books would affect me the same way if I read them now" - Well, they need not is my opinion! In someway, those books affected you at a point in time when you read them. Guess that's enough! :)


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