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The Boys and their Fellow Friend

Updated on May 3, 2017

Ok, this story came to me in a dream, but I tweenked it a little so hope you like it !

It was a fogy, misty morning . The same birds tweeted in the nearby tree . But never the less, Simon and Matthew sat staring off into space thinking about a family . They yearned for a nice warm home, with comforting people who loved them. But all the boys were , were those who some called brutes .Helpless , homeless children they were, struggling to survive alone. Mathew was the eldest, if you call twelve older . Simon was the curious age at six

They formerlyhad a home, although tiny one. Their father came home one day, saying h had lost his job. Everyone was at tough times these days. After not being capable of paying their bills, the family was sentenced out of their home. Living on he street, it was hard on the miserable family. When they awoke, Simon and Matthew's father had left them. To make it even better, it hadn't been two weeks, and the mother had passed away, leaving her two boys to struggle alone together.

Food was one of the many things they competed with. Fish was their main entree they particularly ate. Simon would go in the woods and gather tough grass and long , thick branches. He brought them to Matthew who knotted the grass together . He tied the rope of grass to a their picked branches, and by taking a sharp rock or stick he would shape hook from a twig. The boys went to the nearby creek and caught small but fat fish. Their slimy backs often made them queasy . Simon and Matthew then went to the open public fire camp site. There Mathew would cook their food over the glistening, roaring hot fire ! If they were lucky, Simon would find wild berries growing in the woods they would feast on.

The boys were Christian so every Sunday they would have their own prayer service. They would pray and Matthew would teach Simon about God from what he remembered . Every night they prayed to their guardian angels asking for help.

Everyday Simon would insist that they go see the family by the pond. Matthew liked to watch them so he couldn't resist ! Together the two walked through the woods until out peeped a pale white home with a pond guarding in front. Simon and Matthew crouched down silently and just watched the mother playing catch with her three young children. Their smiling faces warmed them up, and hearing them laugh was the joy of their day! Simon edged closer but fell on a rock and made a yelping kind of noise. The lady snapped her head and saw them!

She told her children casually to go back inside, saying she will be there in a minute. She reached the boys and asked who they were. Simon and Matthew didn't think about runnning away, just were in to much shock. When they didn't answer she asked them to come out of the branches and explain. Without thinking they just "spilled the beans." The two of them franticly told her everything ! Shw gave a worried smile, and introduced herself as Mrs.Smith. She went inside saying she would come back, and when she did she brought a platter of suger cookies. Not really thinking things through, Mrs.Smith offered to keep them safe in a seperate storage garrage they had. There wasn't much in it, and there was an old mattress stored in there. She didn't have the heart to have them possibly seperated if she called the police, and she thought with the new laws coming around soon, the adoption laws would change a bit. This news was the best Simon and MAtthew had heard in a long time and were over joiced ! They quickly agreed. Across the lawn she led them into the storage garrage room and togehter the three of them cleared it out and made it more roomy.


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