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The Bride

Updated on November 4, 2013

The Bride

This was it

The day she waited her whole life for

Her heart was all a flutter

Her mouth was dry as a bone

She looked down and the sea of white

Smoothing her hands over

Beads and sequins, tulle and lace

The doors were closed in front of her

Her father stood behind her

This was it

Behind those doors lay the future

Behind her lay her childhood

She was a woman now

And she would soon be a wife

Someone’s wife, what a wondrous thought

And a scary one

Can she do this?

Can she make him happy?

This is it

There was no turning back now

She looked to her father

His kind eyes reassuring

The ushers opened the doors

This is it

The gleaming lights lighting the room

She did not notice them

The sea of people to her left and to her right

She did not see them

The music playing the song her mother had walked to

She didn’t even hear it

All she saw was him

There he stood alone in the room

There was no one else but him

He was dressed in the finest

His hair trimmed to perfection

And all he saw was her

Her dress flowing effortlessly

Her hair gleaming red in the church lights

This was it

Here comes his bride, soon his wife

They stood hand in hand

For what seemed like a blink of an eye

Then the minister said

“I now pronounce you man and wife”

This was it

Happily ever after starts today

She was no longer the bride

She was now his wife

Now they will embark on a new life

This is it


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