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In the Fathomless Deep

Updated on May 11, 2015

I didn’t mean to say it

but I said it anyway

you didn't want to hear it

the truth I had to say.

Like the waves in the ocean

upon which emotions sail,

the pain and the sorrow

must be endured every day.

You walked into the wilderness

I walked into the abyss;

the shadows fell behind us

eclipsing all the light there is.

We had walked together once

now each walks alone,

lost in the pondering

and meandering of lost souls

What if we had foresight?

Or known what it would be?

Questions lie unanswered

in the fathomless deep;

could we have stemmed the tides

that were surging up to rise?

The bridges were coming down,

it was too late, anyway.

© 2015 Neetu M


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    • Jocelyn Rain profile image

      Jocelyn Rain 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      This is very beautiful. Tragic, but beautiful.

    • wordswithlove profile image

      Neetu M 2 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      Thank you, Jocelyn. I appreciate you coming by to read and comment.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 23 months ago from london

      Promising poet. Very nice work. Seems meaningful to you, my deepest and fondest wishes for your serenity and peace.

    • wordswithlove profile image

      Neetu M 23 months ago from Pennsylvania, USA

      Thank you, manatita.

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