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The Burning Light of the Farthest star

Updated on January 7, 2012

It burned...oh it had burned for centuries before and would burn for centuries hereafter...but what would become of it's fading radiance...? Would it just burn away...Would it break apart and flow thought the timeless divides that housed it's entirety...or would it simply just disappear into a nothingness that threatened every neighbor around the fading beauty...? There is nothing more incredible than a star that had found it's place in time and lived it's millions upon billions of light years...the wisdom contained within it's airless atmosphere...oh how much it must have seen.

Can you blame it's want to fall from's need to let go of all the emotions it held tight with such an emotionless stare...every star around the fading light held in contempt for their young and misfortune deeds...their building and destroying...only to rebuild and destroy again...oh how the fading star must have felt when it had once experienced such catastrophic's version of structural integrity now mere shards of glass that cover it's surface...why did it have to be this way...? Why did it's shine have to fade...if only the others knew what was to become of them...

And so it began to fade even more was almost gone...the glass surfaces now only dimly lit from the reflections only mirroring the other starstruck planetary faces seeing their chance at timeless dominance...the fading race to enlightenment only a piece of the picture...the frame of existence preventing further disruptions against the fabric of time that slowly crept by in a timeless fashion...Step by Step...lightyear by lightyear...when will the multitudes of the galaxies of the universe see their mistake. The universe tried to continue it's expansion...the fading light now cracked in half...enlightment made it's presence known forever preserved in timeless infinity...

Is there life on other planets?

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