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The Butler

Updated on July 4, 2015

It was a great occasion, varieties of food and drinks were served.Just name it. People merried and the joy of the day could be felt as music played in cool tempo which made the magnificent compound housing the gigantic mansion extremely lively and one of it's kind because the wall decoration matched the dressing style of all the guests but everyone seemed to dress alike except me.

I saw so many old friends and even relatives i lost contact with and sitting at the extreme right was a famous poet i have longed to meet because he inspired me so much and i always dreamed to be like him. But of everyone at the party,the only person that actually caught my instincts was the Butler.

There were so many guests and one Butler so i began to imagine how he alone served everyone, he was here and there, you could see him serving drinks at the high table and the next second,he was at the floor serving, he was just everywhere and the more i imagined it,the more i saw him do his job effectively and he seemed to be more interesting in me,he brought more food and drinks to me. Infact, he told me one time,that the fish head he served me was the biggest.

I was so curious to understand why he was the only Butler at such a big and flamboyant party so when he brought me a glass of red fruit wine,i couldn't help but asked him why only him then he turned around and i noticed a ray of light shining around him then he said to me. "Son, we are all happy because of you,this is your day but not your time so you will leave immediately after the party".

I didn't understand him but minutes later,i saw all the guests going inside the gigantic mansion but as i walked closer to the door which was built with gold, the Butler stopped me and asked me to turn back, that was when i saw the big royal gate behind me then he said to me."Go back and finish your work". The first step i made to walk out from the compound sent tears to my eyes because i didn't want to leave,i wanted to go inside the mansion.Believe me,it was a place to stay.

You see, i was involved in a car accident and passed out immediately the trailer hit my car,all i knew was that i saw it's lights and heard the bang when i tried to dodge it.Yea! i realized when my small car was tumbling but can't tell what happened next,i only woke up as tears slipped off my eyes and my wife was sitting next to me. She told me that i have been in coma for fourteen days and the doctor said that i will be removed from the life support that same day because i was clinically dead.

I saw the picture she placed next to my pillow when i was telling her about the party and immediately remembered the Butler,i recognized his face,it was Jesus Christ, he served me,i saw most people i knew that were dead who already made heaven,it was a heavily party and while my wife and family members were praying for me to recover from the coma,i was dinning with Jesus and a host of Angels. He sent me back to finish my work, it was a trans not a coma.


Heaven is real,we experience it in so many ways,i was hosted in that way so that i can bring you this message today. Jesus loves you and for every obedient one of us that dies,there is joy in heaven upon his arrival.

Repent you sinner,look for the face of God,Jesus is the way,the truth and the light and whosoever that believe in him shall not perish.

Give your life to Jesus,cast your burden unto him because he cares about you, he is willing to serve you the best only if you trust and obey.

Brothers and Sisters, there is joy in heaven for the soul of every believer so stop crying,i am talking to you right now, he is right up there with him.

Therefore, all you have to do now is to fashion your own life, change your ways so that at the sound of the trumpet,you will make heaven too.


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