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The Butterfly Box continued

Updated on October 16, 2015
Grandma Cafarri

Grandma Cafarri
Drives a Ferrari
And she just turned one hundred and two!

Her hearing is sorry
Her vision is blurry
But she can drive faster than 

She's not always sure where 
she's going,
  She's not always sure where 
  she's been.
But she puts her foot to the 
And before the dust settles
She's gone and been back again!

So if you ever run into my 
You'd be best to just stay 
Since she stopped seeing those  lines...
So long ago...
She takes any old lane she can  find!

Chipwhich Surprise

I asked my Mom for a special treat,			
And she brought me a Chipwhich surprise.
I said this doesn't look very special to me,
Then it sat up and opened it's eyes!

I had been looking for something special to eat,
But this thing on my plate was alive!
And although I thought my surprise was complete,
I was shocked when it next took a dive.

My treat was now running straight for the door,
And I thought, "This is too much work for a snack!"
So I asked my mother if she had anymore,
But she said, "No, go get that one back."

By now it was rolling right down the stairs,
So fast that I couldn't keep up.
I shouted out that he should take care,
For he was headed into the mouth of my pup!

If he heard me at all, he showed not a sign,
And kept rolling as fast as he could.
Now I knew that this snack would never be mine
But boy, my pup sure thought it was good!

More Jumping Beans

Oh giggles and screams
I've got jumping beans
Sitting right here in my plate!

They're moving around
They'll be hard to get down
Oh gee, isn't this great!

The fault lies with me
Clearly you'll see
For I told my Mom plainly last week

I was tired and bored
With the same old accord
And a new side dish she really should seek!

But now I see
I'd be more than happy
With salad or pasta or rice

Because anything still
Most certainly will
Be more than just dandy and nice!

© 2015 Shelly


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    • AuntieEss profile image

      Shelly 3 years ago from PA

      Hmmm, maybe just some people I know in general. Lol. Glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for your encouragement!

    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 3 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      LOL Were you thinking of some one in particular with that first poem about Grandma Cerfarri? lol They were so cute and funny. Remember to google them so everyone could read them. Voted up, funny and interesting.

    • Marinda Seiwell profile image

      Marinda Seiwell 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Very good Sister !