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The Center of Happiness

Updated on April 27, 2020
AasthaChandankar808 profile image

This one is about the importance of small things which make you happy. Hope you would take away something from it:)

This one is just to remind you that happiness is found in these small things only..

You can trust your own imagination. You always have. But ever thought that there are things which last longer than it should have? Ah! Leave it. It's just out of the text.

It entirely depends on you.

All we do in this vast space is survive. And not live. You know this typical thought of mine is not a rare one as you may have read it somewhere. But think about it. Why? Because you never did. Because we all have mastered the art of questioning others and not ourselves.

Have you ever thought about the feeling when your mother tells you that you are a better cook than her?
Have you ever thought how lively you feel when you make someone laugh?
Have you thought how good you feel when your friends remind you that they love you(To the moon and back)?
Have you ever thought how good you feel when your father tells you that he can go through any obstacle just for you to win this world?
Now I won't rant here describing how you feel right now cuz i possibly can't. Just imagine. Feel.

Kinda relatable to the article I guess.

The BTS group leader, the legendary RM once said in his speech at UN that in this whole stuff of ours and our life we all gave forgotten to just have a look at the sky, to count the stars and yes, we have forgotten how brave, clear and confident we were in ourselves and our abilities just before we were introduced to the opposites . What a tragedy!!

I wonder what would have happened if mankind never knew that there were antonyms to every good feeling, action and people.
And I believe that small things do matter.

I remember one incident from my school days. I was made incharge for the interhouse streetplay. So we selected children from 6th class and started practicing. And gradually to my surprise the children who first seemed so dull and unenthusiastic were now ready for the battle. And I have to admit that these children were a pain in the neck but anyways I was glad that they were making some effort at least. And so did I, for them. We practised during the school hours and also in the afternoon. And we all know to what creature that child resembles to. And there's just one word to describe it. M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E. Inspite of that we all gave our best. And the day came.

I remember myself shouting, instructing and what not so that the children could do something good. I did that for an hour I guess. Continuously!! Being engrossed in that I didn't even realize that the assembly had started while I was still instructing, shouting to be honest. But that was okay I guess. But just after the assembly our principal showed up and found me in front of 6th class where I wasn't supposed to be found. He said, "Ha? Aastha. What are you doing here?". I just remember being speechless . And before I could say anything he told me to get back to my class. And I remember after the recess, those students rushing towards me to inform that they secured the 2nd rank! And I knew that it wasn't that bad.
It was just that I had fallen in love with that moment. That moment when all those students came rushing over to me while I was talking to a friend after recess. Oh God! They surrounded me like a swarm of bees! Seriously not exaggerating. They were soo happy. And so was I. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I was on top of a mountain. And in that moment I forgot about all my worries, scoldings and embarrassment because all I could see was their smiling faces.

I remember telling my friend that MY CHILDREN HAD SECURED THE 2ND PLACE!!!:D

© 2020 Aastha Chandankar


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