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The Case of the Crooked Ex: Chapter 3

Updated on June 18, 2010

Chapter 3

Dean was a lieutenant at the local police precinct, we had come up together from the police academy and while I heard the call of the private sector after I got frustrated about never really helping people, Dean had stayed in and worked his way up the ranks finally reaching the rank of lieutenant in robbery/homicide. He was a good cop and a good friend, if anyone could help me out it would be Dean.

“What can you tell me about a guy named Lee Stroble?”

Dean sets his hat on the bar and takes the glass of water that Danny set in front of him in his free hand. His takes a long slow drink and then runs his hand over his bald head before turning towards me. I am casually stuffing my face, damn this place made a good burger.

“Not much Josh and what I can ain’t good. Who’s asking?”

“His ex-wife hired me; she thinks he is trying to kill her. He that bad of a character?”

“Low-life scumbag, some low level connections to the local gangs, had some drug convictions but likes to rough women up when he has a few in him. Nothing ever seems to stick though and some high priced suit always seems to get him a walk. If she is scared enough to come to you that might mean there is some truth to it.”

“You saying he is connected? Like someone is protecting him?”

“Look Josh, I am saying that the guy is a real piece of work and we have had him dead to rights on a possession with intent to sell and assault but he walked every time. What does that tell you?”

“Tells me this scumbag has some friends that like him even if no one else does.”

Neither of us talk for a few minutes, I finish of my burger and watch Danny hanging up more lights and tinsel. I down the shot of Bourbon I had ordered and lean back a bit

“How’s the family Dean? Elizabeth and the kids alright?”

“Family is doing good Josh, the wife is pregnant again so she is happy, she worries about me when I don’t come home right away.”

“Pregnant again, damn what is that seven?”

“Eight actually.”

“Congrats Dean, damn how do you manage? I can barely take care of myself” which was true and mainly the reason I lived alone.

“We get by Josh, but I should be headed home. Danny thanks for the water and tell CR I said goodnight.” He stands up and puts his hat on throwing down a few bucks on the bar.

“Dean you don’t have to do that I can pay for my own meal”

“Don’t worry about it, listen Josh you be careful this Stroble may be a nobody but there is more going on there. He likes to slap his women around not kill them so you might start asking why he wants his ex dead or who else might.” He pats me on the shoulder “be careful old friend.”

“Tell Elizabeth and the Kids I said Hi and drive carefully that beat up caddie of yours doesn’t handle these icy roads well.”

“Will do Josh, Night Danny”

“Night Lieutenant”

Dean gave me a lot to think about and given the fact that what little information Heather had provided me wasn't much to go on I knew this case was a lot more complex than I originally thought. I need something more to work with, I need to see Heather again, problem was could I handle it and still get the job done. I look at the clock on the bar, way too late to be making house calls, looks like it will have to wait till tomorrow. I down the rest of my beer and then stand up pulling my overcoat on.

“Danny-B thanks for the food, as good as always, tell CR I will see her later.”

“Ok Jonesy good night”

As I leave Charity’s I can’t help thinking that I am missing something, my gut is telling me that I should be working harder. I spend the next two hours hitting up some of my sources for whatever they can give me on Stroble. He is a low level scumbag alright jut like Dean said he was. Running with the east river gang, and making a name for himself in most of the whorehouses in the red light district as a guy with a temper and habit of beating women. One thing I can’t stand it’s a guy who hits women. Other than that I didn’t get much and the way Eddie was acting it seemed like no one was too excited to be talking about him. I had to rough him up to get that much, who was this guy and why did he want that beautiful woman dead? I ended up back at the office drinking and looking out the window as the snow fell. Somewhere in there I passed out with a half full glass of Jack in my hand.

“Rise and Shine sleepyhead I ain’t no maid service!”

The loud crash of an empty bottle being thrown in a metal trash can woke me from my blissful dream about seeing if my newest client's legs went all the way to the ground.

“Youse gonna get up boss or do I need to get the seltzer bottle?”

God I hate mornings!

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    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 7 years ago from Tennessee

      great job! Keep 'um comin'...

    • bulletproofchris profile image

      bulletproofchris 7 years ago from hutchinson, ks

      enjoyable hub...good job. i will await ur next chapter/hub to find out what happens next...