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The Castle Wall

Updated on October 22, 2014

"Fulfill your oaths, shed your fear!"

The Castle Wall © 2010

Stone upon stone, brick upon brick,
ply with mortar but not too thick.

Castles, moats and fortified walls,
protect us when the nighttime falls.

Grab your child, grab that waif,
inside now, where it's safe.

Hurry now and close that gate!
Darkness comes, we cannot wait.

In the dead of night they will ride,
and behind these walls we must bide.

Fiendish are the shrieks and cries
coming from the moonlit skies.

Thundering hoofbeats we do hear,
louder and louder, they're so near.

The moon so bright, the grass so wet.
Soon, we'll see their silhouette.

We can see them now, upon the ridge,
but they must cross the old stone bridge.

Why, oh why Lord, do they hate us so?
Our only goal, be the light, and let it show.

Why didn't we listen and stop their lie?
Because of our apathy many will die.

Cruel followers of the crescent moon,
must be trodden under, and very soon.

Ever so vicious and filled with rage,
only a madman would loose their cage.

Wild eyed, crazed, and when they see red,
their own women and children they behead.

No blade or spear, just the flame,
can drive them back, whence they came.

Archers ready on the walls so high,
hundreds of arrows wait to fly.

Arrowheads dipped in oil double,
will burn their flesh and make it bubble.

Torches nearby and in position for war,
Oil pots filled and ready to pour.

Sadistic followers of this cult of death,
will be burned and charred, as by dragon's breath.

Take your positions upon the wall,
and listen for the trumpet's call.

Our time has come, they are here!
Fulfill your oaths, shed your fear!

Give no quarter, don't turn your back!
For they will never stop their attack.

Our calling, is honor strength and duty,
theirs, is to unleash unspeakable cruelty.

On the parapets the battle flags are flying,
down below we can see our children crying.

Father, brother, uncle and son,
draw your bow, the battle's just begun!

Mother, sister, aunt and daughter,
can never allow your children's slaughter.

Stand tall, have courage and never let them in!
We are strong, we will fight, and we will win!

© 2010 Greg Emerick

"Castles, moats and fortified walls, protect us when the nighttime falls."

Photo © 2014 Greg Emerick
Photo © 2014 Greg Emerick


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    • CarolynEmerick profile image

      Carolyn Emerick 3 years ago

      Nope I didn't know that. But I do know that the constant comparisons with the Crusades drive me nuts. The first Crusade was a direct reaction to Ottoman incursions into the Eastern Christendom. People who spout the Crusades as some sort of justification for events today have no idea what they are talking about.

      There is strong emotion against Charlemagne in the modern Germanic pagan groups for his violent forced conversion of the Saxons. But, what is overlooked is the need for Europe to unify because at that period the Muslim moors were invading Europe through Spain. Unifying pagan tribes was like herding cats. It makes sense in a Machiavellian strategic view to acculturate the people into monotheistic thinking which allows for less free thinking, as well as tying it into the Divine Right of kings which only works if there is one supreme deity bestowing the right to rule, to get the masses to fall in line to fight fire with fire.

      Also "villains" such as Vlad Dracul were really heroes defending Europe's SE corridor which endured nonstop bombardment by the Turks for centuries. That whole region became incredibly violent as a result of never-ending border wars. It is said to even have influenced Elizabeth Bathory to become the murderous monster she turned into. Her husband, father, brothers were always at war keeping out the Turks so violence and death were commonplace to her for her entire life.

    • watchtime profile image

      watchtime 3 years ago

      did you know that on or about 9/11 in 1683, approximately 30,000 Christians were executed in captivity by Ottoman leader Kara Mustafa Pasha? he ultimately lost the war and was executed for his failure. is it any wonder that modern islamists chose that date for another attack on innocent people?

      see: Events That Formed the Modern World

      From the European Renaissance through the War on Terror

      by Frank W. Thackeray and John E. Findling, Editors, page 266

      ( )

    • CarolynEmerick profile image

      Carolyn Emerick 3 years ago

      What they must have thought in Spain and the Balkans during countless Muslim invasions. And also victims of Viking raids. As well as how the Saxons felt when Charlemagne slaughtered 4,000 in a single day.