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The Child Everyone Wants to Wail Over

Updated on September 11, 2015
Aylan and Galip Kurdi
Aylan and Galip Kurdi | Source

The Child giggled and frolicked around the locality with his brother and fellow play buddies – a common sight for all – even as the ‘Approaching Thunder’ Roared ‘Beyond the Horizon’, behind ‘Black Dusty Clouds’, reared by the Naked-dance of a Thousand Grenades, Missiles and Machine Guns on Helpless Earth!

His Parents knew very well – there were no Place to hide for them from what was coming to ‘Devour’ them all!

So they ran with the kids to Sail through even Treacherous Seas – in desperate search for a ‘Land of Peace’!

There is a ‘Price’ tag attached to every Human Soul in this Violated Earth – not the ‘True One’ reposed by God – and that Price gets heightened for Freedom, which is not Guaranteed.

The Sea becomes a ‘Cruel Child’, when it plays with human lives – tossing and turning the terrified hapless souls with countless playful waves – before sending most of them to ‘Eternal Sleep’!

But this playful child was not one bit amused by the tricks of the Bigger Child – as he clutched onto his Parents in desperation!

The straw of a capsized boat wasn’t good enough to make their cries for help shriller and long-lasting to penetrate Deaf Ears.

So all a Fight a Little Brave Soul could put up against insurmountable odds finally gave in and his ‘Broken Father’ handed him to the Sea with a Tearful Final Kiss!

As the Sea returned back his Lifeless Body – a World in ‘Deep Slumber’ suddenly Woke Up at the Morbid Sight to the voyeuristic clicks of a Thousand Flashbulbs!

Now this Suddenly Woken World wants the ‘Right to Wail’ for the Child – who refuses to get up from the Seashore – unknowing that his ‘Million Friends’, Suffering Beyond Borders and Horizons, might come to visit him one day, to pay ‘Real Respect’ for the one who appear so known to all of them!


--------Dedicated to the Memory of ‘Aylan Kurdi’ – a beautiful little child, whose lifeless body washed ashore on a Turkish beach, the images of which shocked the World recently – a ‘Symbol’ of ‘Infant Suffering’ in this ‘Violent World’!


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