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Poetry: The Christian's Circle of Life

Updated on April 3, 2016
Wheel of Life, Vigeland Park, Oslo
Wheel of Life, Vigeland Park, Oslo | Source

Life is like a song
That effortlessly rolls along
Its melody is sometimes sweet
Sometimes melancholic
Its tempo, echoes of your heartbeat
Resonating in upbeats and downbeats
Through the score, measure one again
A never ending symphony
Until the day He says fine

From clueless we start
For direction, Him we ask
The victorious road
Of despair to hope
Through faith, trust and love
And His ever merciful grace
Do we get to the part
Where we stand strong in heart
Fully assured, like unwavering darts

But all weak or strong
Great or small
Wise or not
Swift or slow
Are sailing on this windy lane
Unable to behold what's written
Beyond this shallow horizon
And darkness threatens
Wretched we become
Before to Him again we turn

Strength incomparable
Are His mighty handles
To grip with affirmation
To behold gratification
Peace immeasurable
Hands of the Lord are rest
A sure secured nest
A chamber within reality
Enveloping yet distancing

And that's how our stories go
An epic, infinite journey of falling and melting snow
Learning day by day
Attaining wisdom through the ways
Christ set forth to mold us
Calling on Him to lift us
When we let our grounds slip through
For a time joy, comfort and peace rule
Before spring, summer, autumn, winter echo their rhythm in tune

February 2013

© 2013 Carmen Beth


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