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The Clock Keeps Ticking Away

Updated on October 15, 2014

The Keyboard Of Musical Notes


Notes Disguised As Musical Neurons

The notes played on in Marcia McLaughlin's young childhood memories. A thought growing from a memory recorded from another time was hanging its clean wash outside of Marcia's logic. The metronome kept a steady predictable beat like the beating of her own heart did. This archaic scene in all its sepia tones played on like an old phonograph needle stuck in a phonograph record's groove. "It isn't an unpleasant thought", she stated to herself as she screened the image through her analytic logic. "I studied music as a child and the mere thought of it permits me to experience pleasurable sensations. The notes of the musical piece can be compared to the smooth flowing of a river or the rough turbulence of an airline flight. All in all music is in my soul."


Molding Rocky And Smooth


Soul Is The Life Force

She sits in the office style chair with eyes fixated on the computer's screen. The letters are characters telling the story of the creative soul. The creative soul which inhabits this slim young body of hers also resides in the innermost crevasses of her mind. The psychedelic visions are screened through a veil of the right brain's reasoning and shared with others by way of artificial intelligence. Beethoven's ninth is being played in its most simple and basic form, only in the style of a novice pianist. Beethoven had the gift of hearing the notes in his head as he composed his best work while suffering from the affliction of deafness. The long slender fingers of her right hand would play the famous melody in her imagination. Her love of the piano has spanned a few decades and she felt it enhanced her creativity. Thinking of her skill level as a pianist, she felt that she did not have the talent in her physiological or psychological make up. Her admiration for those who possessed the talent sprouted within her more and more each passing day. Meditation practice was enhanced by her listening to classical music. Even her mother's plants sprouted gracefully to the gentle sounds of the notes.

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Thinking Of Tunes

Lyrics are poetry set to music as Marcia had known for many years. Her notebook of poetry is just about completed. Music can always be added at a later time. Here is a thought written in her notebook twelve years ago. It reads:

Poetry, poetry it has that certain rhyme

Poetry, poetry, I read it sometime

I write poetry, a talent to explore

Reading it aloud is something I adore

I should write more

Thinking of rhyming can be a chore

Poetry, poetry is like a short story

Poetry, poetry in all its glory

Tells a tale in so many words

Using nouns and verbs

I am writing more

Exposing my center, my very core

Poetry, poetry is like a bird

Poetry, poetry sings softly its words

Speaks of a story, imaginary and fun

The verses flow like the rays of the sun

I am writing presently

To show the world eventually.

Here is another poem, written in the same time frame.

On another page, a heartbeat away

Sits a stage where words dance and play

How I love the rhythm, pulsating within

And housed in a chest, no drawers that are filled in

It's flesh, bone and muscle that ties them together

A feeling from the heart written on plain paper

I feel there is something to share

To leave my emotions vulnerable and bare

A door left open for the reader to see

My own soul, which is me.

Finally last but not least:

I haven't written poetry in quite awhile

Is it just laziness, or is it self denial

Poetry, the rhyming word

Is the most interesting sound I heard

Think of ways to make words rhyme

Think of ways to utilize time

Think of ways to make this complete

Think of ways that won't defeat

The subject of the Poem.

These are the thoughts artistically expressed by Miss McLaughlin.

Clear The Head Of Cobwebs


Time Ticks Away Like The Sands Of Time

Marcia McLaughlin sat back in her office style chair feeling relieved. Permitting the tiny creative genies to run crazy loose on her computer monitor just took the heavy weight off her shoulders and lower back region. With her spirits experiencing relaxation and relief, she exclaimed, " My ka has been lifted into the heavens of inner peace. I should do this more often." Those are her words of wisdom.

Test Your Knowledge

What relaxes Miss Marcia McLaughlin?

  1. Running
  2. Walking
  3. Writing Poetry
  4. Dancing

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