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The Code of Love

Updated on December 22, 2016

A little poem to add tune to your life

Happy birthday my dearest BB ,it is your fourth birthday that I'm celebrating with you. You know this is a unique way how I express my love for u- writing a poem that wishes a Happy Birthday only to you. I am sorry I can't do anything better than this but these words have a voice. As I pump out those words , I feel my love for you is still that strong and impressive. I wish you happiness. Enjoy everything in your life and as always I will be beside you spiritually. As long as you need me I am there for you. I hope, in the further decades I am the only one who is entitled to do this for you, love you baby, love you my rabbit. Read slowly and enjoy the poem, especially for you. With the same innocent heart as the first time we met... here's the poem that's yours and only yours....

Pointing at those shinning stars

Recall the fantastic memories.

All the time we spent together

The places we roamed around,

The street we walked along,

Every trivial details

Every single fragment

Knock on my heart continously

Do you still feel that sweetness?

As if it happened in dreamland,

Sometimes i feel the gratitude that flows inside

I never had a fairy like story...

Lord sent an invitation to me as compensation

Offer me to join the banquet of love

Vivid souls came across.

Evening was lightened up by sparks

Years passed by like onrushing white horse

Only love stays forever

Utopia never falls down from the altar

We are fighting for the congregation.

If everything is doomed to experience ups and downs

Screaming and misunderstanding

Hard time like furious waves and storms

Yet we never hold it back

One common belief supports us frimly

Unique power tightens our bonds

Hope shows its mysterious smile

Anytime I stare at ur figure

Painting colors as rainbow

Piecing pearls as galaxy

Yearning for the happiness frozen as amber

Beautiful life endowed a beautiful partner

Is it not destiny to have encountered you?

River sings and birds chorus

Tickle the breeze and caress the twilight

How come i am drowning in a dazzling joy?

Do you ever know how to explain charm?

Aura surrounds you like a holy angel

You are still the one who can make me flip at the first sight


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    • Zhu YueJiao profile imageAUTHOR

      Zhu YueJiao 

      4 years ago from Changsha, Hunan

      @ChitrangadaSharan Thank you for taking the time to leave an appreciative comment on my poem. I hope that I was able to give you a brief but sweet feeling of love and tingled your cherished memories with your loved ones.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Beautiful poem and so much full of love!

      Love in its purest form--truly divine.

      Thanks for sharing!


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