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The Comic Book Showdown! View the Final Four in My Bracket.

Updated on June 24, 2020

When giants collide...

Below is my bracket of the 8 groups of warriors

In a fantasy world, what world happen if a tournament based on the showdown of the comic characters, broke out? Well, this too has a bracket, and you get to vote on who would win!

Below are the match ups. Please look it over and vote in the polls below it.

A different kind of bracket.

E.C.vs Columbia
D.C. vs Dynamite
Darkhorse vs All American
Marvelsuperheros vs Timely

A showdown of the mighty!

Dark Horse

Dark horse has a famous duet named Five Finger Sally and Hell Boy. Hell Boy is a fierce warlord that back down to no one and can't be burned and is hard to kill by other methods as well. He and the Predator are the main reasons that I would pick Dark Horse in round one, over the Columbia heroes.

D.C. Comics

They have a lot of great fan favorites here but the supreme power house is of course, Superman (Kal El, of Krypton). If the opponents do not find krypyonyte, his only weakness, then who stops him? His speed, strength, invincibility, and heat vision, will take down a lot of other super humans. The problem is that other than Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, and The Captain, he has little back up. Bat man is cool, but he and others like Aqua Man, don;t last very long when the battle heats up.

I like E.C. but...

E.C. is famous, or infamous for Tales of the Crypt. Their characters such as demons, vampires, and other creeps can be killed, but they are also very lethal!

However, they go up against Sky man and comrades in the first round. They would survive other battles, but in this one, the undead gets figured out. I pick Columbia to win with some casualties.

Marvel, hands down!

I would predict that the heroes from Marvel wouldn't have an issue until the very end, when they face D.C. The Hulk, Thor, and many of the X-Men wipe out the others. I see few casualties until they meet up with Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Green Lantern. That is where I think it gets interesting.

Round one, fight one

Who wins?

See results

Round one, fight 2.

Who destroys the other?

See results

Round one, fight 3

Who wins?

See results

Round 0ne, fight 4

Who wins?

See results

The Championship

Who wins the whole thing?

See results

Who wins it all?

Well, you decide that by voting in the polls! I have written another blog about what would happen if D.C. and Marvel collided. I predict that both would face each other in the final round and that Marvel comes out on top. The other blog, linked below, explains why. However, D.C. has a Super power house from another world, and Marvel suffers a lot of causalities unless, they figure out how to obtain and use Kryptonite.


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