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A Handmaidens Tale: The Arrival Of The Black Queen

Updated on April 25, 2017

The Arrival Of The Black Queen

Beneath the old jackfruit tree what skeleton buried there be?
Tilled and mulched and packed in years of soil that beneath rich and lush
with the blood of secrets too deep to speak yet I know of its deep secret that within it held

It's a tale too gruesome to tell of Mother and Child
cut to the core by the vengeance of a Mad Mans lure
Beneath the old Jackfruit tree buried deep
Was said that on a stormy Night much the same as this

The one beheld in favor of the Ladies misguided emotions
Met to partake of what love does so often
Was there beneath the old baugh, that shadows of two entwined
For the heart, want's what it want's and most often in great desperation

None heard the fast approach of the Man as he furiously wielded what looks to be a weapon sharp
outrage clearly present upon his countenance as love embraced beneath that low-lying limb
a gentle touch to her now protruding middle
told a tale of deceit so lovingly did he caress the gentle nature did suggest
Beneath the jackfruit tree, the lovers met

What a tale I long to tell of what lies beneath the rich soil
where even now above and to the west I can clearly see upon this moon filled Night
The outline of the lovers that met beneath the old jackfruit tree.

When the ax found it's marked true and sure the lovers held tight a pledge to each other
and loving fathers hands gently placed atop the Child that within his lover grew
It was a most gruesome Night the skies suddenly black.
Lightening and thunder did mar the perfect darkness of the Night, as blood red ran to dampen Earth, and screams wrecked the blackness of the otherwise silent Night.

Papa told a tale of Nightmares and comforted me till the Morning light, Mama said it was a weakened constitution, as she brushed her hands lovingly atop my hair and quietened me back to bed.
Yet Night after Night I am awake as dreams of what lies beneath the tree plays upon my consciousness and tells a tale of the of what lies beneath the old jackfruit tree.

Tis a sad Tale, but it didn't start off as such. Me Mum and Da really loved each other. He a roit foin Gentleman and she a fishmongers Daughter. Twas written on the breeze. They would meet daily by the old kissing stone. She knew not who he was. Just a well-dressed Gentleman and she fishmongers Daughter. She had like so many Nights before taken her constitution on that trail. A beautiful spot. A cottage on a hill, a Wooden two room shack with the trail that led nowhere.

She would walk that trail and at Nights sit upon the rock. Later came to be known as "Blarney Stone". The Daughter of Fishmongers for the King. Me Mum and Dad slept in the one room and me their only Child slept on a cot by the fireplace it was the warmest room in the house. They adored their only Child. She was a willful one, always climbing trees and getting into fights. Her Brothers called her Billy, but her given name was Etrace. She was a bonny Child with raven hair tightly coiled slender of built, but a beauty she would grow up to be. A winsome girl with a mole placed just so by the God's Khol black eyes she was her Parents joy. Hours of pleasure. As she grew she caught the attention of many.

Family first, Honor was everything, she like her parents sold fish in the marketplace. Twas there he first saw her, she looked first at him then past him as if he didn't exist.Neither with contempt nor adoration, it just was a sightless look. Twas that irreverent look that had him beholden, a smile twitched full lips. Eyes shone with humor. As she struggled to push the broken cart never a complaint. I think mayhap truth be told it was then that he fell for her.

His Manservant looked at him with suspicion as he pushed the broken-down cart to the back of the keep. the fish would last the occupants Months during the winter when fresh fish and meat was scarce. The long-suffering stare of the help did little to stem his frustration. It would be a chore getting the lot pickled. The folly of his actions they joked behind his back, that he had "purchased his own stock" and he pretended not to care. That, in a nutshell, is how they met.

The Tin Man

He loved her, yet Day after Day she could not see him. It wasn't that she ignored him you ken? He had her attention when she approached. She was blinded by thoughts of finding the one who would be her hearts liege, that would make her forget anyone else existed. She dreamt of him she knew not what he looked like just that she yearned for what she didn't know.

I chuckle as I write this it would appear even my own thoughts are not mine. I've been channeling my Great Gran, however, many times removed. Aye, wee one, my thoughts but your pen that writes the telling of things.

The Tin Man, like Etrace, worked for the King and like his Father before him. He outfitted the Kings Army, the swords, the shields, he was not a poor Man he had amassed quite a few coins, flattening and firing the Metal all Night sometimes.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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