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The Conference, Part III

Updated on December 27, 2012

The Ultimate Conference

I am now ensconced sitting in a dark brown leather chair in the lobby, still smoking my cigar and sipping my cognac. The myriad of invitees are quite interesting. What stories they have- none of which are pretty! In fact, their stories range from being plain uncaring to downright insidious! These people do not truly know what is in store for them! If they had a minute inkling of what was in store- they would be quite frightened!

The invitees are quite happy, meandering around regarding their situation. They are totally oblivious to the true nature of the conference. They believe that this conference will be fun and games! However, only I am the wiser regarding this conference. I was thoroughly instructed by the POWERS never to divulge the TRUE NATURE of this conference! My instructions were to lull them along................

One of the invitees waved and smiled at me. She was quite a beautiful woman. Besides beauty, she possessed quite a formidable intellect which I find quite arousing in a woman. Intelligent and powerful women were my forte. Unlike other males, I enjoy and welcome intelligent women. In my opinion(not humble), I only value and respect intelligent women and any man who does not is a mere amoebic lifeform!

She decided to walk towards me, introducing herself. She stated that her name was Greyce Sweatt. She further added that she possessed two Ph.Ds, one in Psychology and the other in Medicine. She mentioned that she worked as a Chief Administrator in Columiba-Presbyterian Hospital in Upper Manhattan, New York City.

Greyce sat next to me, taking the cigar out of my mouth, seductively smoking it! After she took a smoke from my cigar, she returned it to me and proceeded to sip some of my cognac! She was such a hot turn on! However, I must rein my urges in and think of business and only business! I sadly contained my primitive urges, starting to inquire more about her.

Greyce relayed to me that she was born in Harlem, New York to middle class parents. She relayed that her father was the owner of a cleaners while her mother was a supervisory registered nurse. She added that her mother was vastly more educated than her father. She specified that her mother has a Master's Degree in Nursing while her father was a high school graduate.

Greyce grimaced each time she spoke of her father. It was quite evident that she did not respect or even loved her father. In fact, she actually had disdain for her father. She wondered why would her mother want to marry someone who was beneath her both educationally and socioeconomically. She would never forgive her mother for this.

Greyce's mother came from an affluent Creole family whose ancestors were free people of color who owned enslaved Africans. Her maternal relatives included an internationally renowned surgeon, a Wall Street executive and author, a talk show host, and a prominent legislator. All of her maternal relatives can be aptly described as highly wealthy except for her mother who is just upper middle class. Ugh!

Greyce further elaborated although quite reluctantly that her paternal family were indigent Black Mississippians who were sharecroppers two generations back. It was quite obvious that she was ashamed of her father. Even though he earned quite a profitable income owning a cleaners, she still held him in contempt! According to her, her father was an uneducated subhuman.

Her father loved her immensely, sending her to the best private schools and college. He even sent her to graduate school- all to no avail. She never appreciated what he did for her. It was quite the opposite. The more educated she become, the more derisive towards her father she became. The father loved her but she did not love him back.

The person Greyce adored was her mother but the feeling was not mutual to say the least. Her mother consistently and constantly found fault with her. Something was always wrong with her one way or another. If she danced in recitals, she was neither as exciting nor talented as her stellar classmate, Alexandra Hamilton.

According to her mother Alexandra Hamilton was "super"-supersmart, superbeautiful, supertalent, and had a great personality. Her mother often informed her that she wished that Alexandra was her daughter instead of her. Her mother maintained that she possessed no personality whatever. Her mother further added that she had no modicum of talent although she won dancing awards.

Greyce consistently strove to prove herself with her mother but to no avail. To her mother, Greyce was totally a colorless, plain Jane. Her mother made her feel like a persona non grata-totally inferior and worthless. Her mother even arranged for her to see a psychiatrist because of her introverted personality. While her mother was an extremely ebullient extrovert, Greyce was quite the opposite.- much to the chagrin of her mother and maternal relatives!

One time Greyce remembered, she informed her mother that she wanted to be a dancer. Her mother plainly looked at her, bursting into a sardonically hysterical laughter! Of course, she was crushed and psychologically traumatized beyond repair. In actuality, she was beautiful enough to enter a teen beauty contest; however, her mother derided her talent to the utter point of discouragement!

Over the years, Greyce developed quite a murderous hatred towards her mother. She realized that her mother never loved her but barely tolerated her because she gave birth to her. There was no real mother-daughter love present. Her mother was what one can describe a totally icy, perfunctory mother completely devoid of love. Only duty existed and nothing more. Her mother was the type of mother analogous to the phrase with friends like these, who needs enemies. In other words, her mother was NOT her support system. She had to find support elsewhere.

That Greyce did by cultivating outside and like minded friends who would support her no matter what. She learned to love and appreciate her father; however, it was YEARS too late. Her turnaround regarding her father came 1 year before his death from cancer. Friends and acquaintances stated that when he died, Greyce was inconsolable with tears. However, her mother who professed to love her husband, did not convey any type of sad emotion. In fact, there was talk that she was quite ebullient and happy that her husband was dead.


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    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 5 years ago

      This is steaming up can't wait to read the next one.