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The Conference, Part IX

Updated on January 30, 2013

The Ultimate Conference

Yes, Jennifer was becoming more defiant to me than ever before. I was quite calm while she was hurling her tirades at me. This woman did not know WHO I actually was. That's good I wanted to keep my TRUE identity a secret.

Jennifer's tirade became highly profane. I stood up and bellowed at her. Her face ashened and showed fear for the first time in her face. She sat down resigned, proceeding to answer my question. She revealed the details of her life.

Jennifer revealed that she was born into a nondescript Swedish American farming family in rural Minnesota. She stated that her parents were extremely loving but ultraconservative and ultratraditional people who were totally out of sync in modern American society. She explained that her parents eschewed materialism and believed in living simply. She divulged that she was the 4th of 5 children.

Jennifer elucidated that she wanted to get away from Minnesota to go to Hollywood to try her hand in the entertainment business. She remarked that she was told many times that she was beautiful. She then took a picture out of her worn red plastic wallet. I saw the old, stained picture and it indeed showed a beautiful blonde teenager. She further elaborated that at a high school dance, she met a man who promised to make her a star. She stated how completely speechless she was, leaving with the man.

Jennifer then stopped, asking me for a stiff drink. Oh, oh, I knew that the story was going to take quite a sad turn. She explained that when she went to Hollywood, she discovered that this man was a pimp. She was coerced to enter into service where she suffered horrific, periodic physical abuse from this pimp. After two weeks, she ran away, living on the outskirts of Hollywood.

Jennifer related that she still wanted to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. She indicated that this road was quite a difficult one. She was relegated into the adult film business. After a while, she was sick of Hollywood and wanted a different life. One night, she met one of her fans who embellished his situation and informed her that she deserved a better life than she was presently having.

Jennifer stated that she left with the man, fell in love, and eventually married him. However, she discovered that he was a raging and abusive addict. She relayed that she stayed with him because she "believed that the situation would improve". I just looked at her, thinking lady what DREAM world are you in! She continued with the conversation that she could not possibly leave him because she LOVED him.

Jennifer related that she and her husband planned to only have two children and live in an upper middle class suburban enclave. She asserted that this was what her husband promised her. She then let out a curse and starting crying while she was cursing. She then called her husband all sorts of epithets. She even called her children harsher epithets than she called her husband. She then went silent, glaring into the world. She broke the silence, stating that her life was totally garbage. Well, she stated this remark more descriptively!

Jennifer chose to continue the conversation. She stated that she NEVER achieved her goal. She remarked derisively that she is even worse off than her parents were. Her face transformed to a monstrous mask, yelling that she is SICK and TIRED of her $%^$&! husband and her even more $%$%#! children! She then sipped the whiskey on ice and got up out of the chair, going outside for a short respite!

I was beginning to feel some sort of sympathy for this woman; however, the way she treated her children was totally inexcusable. Yes, one's life may suck to the millinillionth degree but children are innocent souls to be loved and cherished above all else. Lady, what you have done to children is WRONG period. I wanted to add that LADY, you are totally in charge of and responsible for your own destiny- DON'T pass the buck! Oh boy, what a TOTAL WINNER she was!

Mark came forward but I told him that I did not want to interview him as I knew QUITE ENOUGH about his life. I further informed him that he was not a bad person but a misguided and fearful one. I stated that he was no problem. He just smiled at me, returning to his seat.

I then proceed to question Greyce. She boldly sat down before me, trading seductive innuendos with me. I flatly told her that I was uninterested in her innuendos for this was a very GRAVE situation she was in. She just looked at me with a total unmitigated arrogance and started laughing. I seriously informed her that the situation was not funny. I furthermore added that added that she was a MORTAL danger. She asked me what did I mean by mortal danger! She further informed that she did not believe in any type of spirituality as it is an illogical superstition. She arrogantly informed me that after a person's dies, there is NOTHING.............

How WRONG she was, I thought to myself. I continued with the interview. However, she decided to take charge in her usual way, revealing more sordid details about her relationship with her mother than I wanted to know. After the interview, I felt quite uneasy. This woman is a cold blooded and heartless murderess. She was actually bragging about doing away with her mother who had alzheimer's disease. This is egregious beyond any type of fathomable description. I was beginning to feel quite nauseous. I excused myself, proceeding towards the men's room. I was physically dizzy!

I have met some very exceedingly cold, amoral, and evil people in my travels! But Greyce DEFIES all description of what an evil person is. She really does not have ANY knowledge of what she will be in for............ Beneath her beauty queen exterior, she is quite the UGLY MONSTER inside! I would be a trillion times safer with an inland taipan than I would be with THIS woman!

When I returned to the conference room, Greyce wanted to divulge EVEN more lurid details. I informed her that I have ALL the information that I need. She just looked at me and laughed. She seems to be totally unfazed regarding her situation. She further maintained that NOTHING will be done to her as she ELIMINATED all evidence that would implicate her. She thought that she was so clever. She believed that she has gotten away with the ultimate murder. She started to laugh again, this time more seductively while winking at me! She thinks that all of this is so FUNNY but her situation is quite..............well, DAMNING!


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