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The Conference, Part VI

Updated on December 27, 2012

The Ultimate Conference

Mark just could not believe that he was going to be interviewed for a ......JOB. He began to go into his meditative trance. Ann heard this and loudly stated that he was practicing paganism. She further maintained that God forbids meditation of any kind. I clearly thought that this woman was totally delusional!

I personally detested this woman.............she believed that she was indeed holier than thou. However, I know her DEEPEST and DARKEST secret. She elected to ignore this secret and to put in the past but during the conference I shall DIVULGE this secret before everyone. I want to see HOW embarassed this self-righteous woman would be.........That would be a complete laugh!

I was not the only person who totally detested Ann Wickman. It was becoming quite apparent that the other five invitees, particularly Greyce and George, odiously abhorred her. George had a name for her- the crazy holy roller! Ann knew that George and Greyce had a particular dislike for her but she stated that she would pray for them and smiled, walking away! She was a total hemorrhoid to say the least!

I looked at my watch, discovering that it was now 10:00 a.m. Everyone was quite sated and relaxed. I informed them that it was now time to begin the conference. I gave the preliminary speech, detailing the itinerary of the conference. Of course, I was rudely and loudly interrupted by Ann who inquired how long the conference was to be! I informed her that the conference would go into the night. She seemed quite uneasy. I saw the color abruptly disappearing from her face.

Ann started to stammer, further asking what did I mean that the conference would go into the night. She asserted that it was her understanding that the conference would be short. I strongly informed her that the conference would be an all day one. She just shook her head and sat down. I asked the other invitees if there were any more questions. I further explained that if there were any more questions, please wait until after the conference to ask them.

Greyce started to smoke during the conference but I informed her that NO smoking was allowed. Everyone seemed calm during the conference. I conducted more usual lectures, not letting the invitees know the TRUE nature of the conference until MUCH MUCH later in the day.

After the first preliminary statement, I passed around some questionaires to the five invitees. The questions seemed quite innocuous in nature. I explained the nature of the questionaire. I indicated that those who got the highest points on the questionaire will receive QUITE a reward. These people actually DO NOT realize the EXACT nature of the REWARD in question. So far, everyone seemed calm.....Well, almost everyone!

Ann, as usual, became quite inquisitive as to the nature of the questionaire. She was beginning to sense SOMETHING. I had to divert her inquistiveness, telling her that the questions tested her acumen and moral fiber. She seemed pleased at the answer. I was under instructions by the POWERS not to divulge the TRUE nature of the questionaire. EVERYTHING, without any exception, was to be kept TOP SECRET!

The nature of the questionaire was quite innocuous and simple. However, the nature of the questions become more complex and "sinister" as one progresses. The purpose of this questionaire was to test the innate character of the participants. Many of the invitees casually answered the questions as if they were no brainers; however, there were a few invitees who carefully thought out the questions, realizing the underlying meaning of the questions. I did not want to the invitees to know WHAT they were doing at the conference. For now, that was for MY information ONLY.

The morning progressed nicely into the afternoon. At about 2:30 p.m., I suggested that everyone should break for lunch. However, I told them to remain inside the conference room as there would be quite an exquisite banquet lunch served. A minute after I have spoken, the waitstaff brought in quite a sumptuous fusion Thai/Mexican cuisine. Everyone, except for Ann, marvelled at the lovely lunch. Ann flatly stated that she did not eat "foreign" food, only American food! Now, she was going too far! I calmy and politely informed her that TODAY she is going to try a DIFFERENT cuisine and LIKE it!

Everyone was joying the wickedly sumptuous lunch. Greyce and George,being affluent professionals, savored the cuisine. Others like Jennifer and Ann reluctantly consumed their lunch. Well, whatever I was simply having quite a blast!

Halfway through lunch, I summoned a waitstaff member to bring me a CD player as I wanted to play some soothing classical music. I decided to play Liszt's Mephisto Waltz, Saint-Saens' Danse Macabre, and Duka's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. As the music was playing, I started to drift off to a delicious but short slumber.

For what seemed to be an eternity, I drifted towards time and space. I actually was in my REAL residence. There I saw my Father and other Associates. My Father seemed to be quite pleased with WHAT I am undertaking. He even informed me how IMMENSELY proud he was of me. He further told me that the POWERS would meet and confer with me MUCH later into the day and into the night.

I continued to travel throughout my REAL residence. After what seems to be 30 minutes in time, I awoke and proceeded to continue with the conference. The invitees returned to complete their questionaires. Two of them finished the questionaire before time-Greyce and George. I then instructed them to go outside for an hour while the others complete their questionaires.

Greyce and George instantly felt a comradeship with each other. Both were highly successful and affluent individuals. They were also highly educated and quite ruthless in dealing with people. Their motto was to get what they wanted, using ANY means that were necessary, whether ethical or not, to achieve that SPECIFIC goal!

Greyce and George actually enjoyed being with each other. They were so busy indulging in scintillating conversation pertaining to business and politics that the hour just went by like a microsecond! I saw them outside, calling them back to the conference room.

Greyce and George joined the others. I then proceeded to give them some psychological exercises. These exercises are extremely complex in nature. These exercises demonstrate the difference between good and evil with those scoring the highest, revealing their most abysmal nature.

However, there was a trick. Each person had an hour at the maximum to apply real life situations regarding the test. I started to time the test, letting the psychological mindgames begin! Of course again, Greyce and George finished the test within 9 minutes time. I excused them, telling them to go outside until another 51 minutes were up!


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    • gmwilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Thank you so much!

    • mljdgulley354 profile image


      6 years ago

      I so got behind this morning. This is really good. Off to the next ones.


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