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The Conference, Part VII

Updated on December 27, 2012

The Ultimate Conference

Everyone finally completed their psychological exercises. As usual, Mark was the LAST person who finished his exercises. I then devised a game of psychosocial dynamics. This game dictated that everyone should divulge their most secret, intimate, and/or painful moment. Some invitees naturally were aghast at such a bold proposal while others were not!

Ann loudly and vehemently protested this exercise as an abhorrent invasion of her privacy. She asserted that no way in HELL will she divulge her innermost secret. She stormed out of the conference room. I ran to catch her. I informed her quite forcibly that I was in charge of the conference therefore she will abide by MY rules. She adamantly refused to participate in the psychosocial dynamic gameplaying. I grabbed her left arm, pulling her into the conference room! She glared at me, informing me to go to Hell! I simply smiled and laughed!

Ann was absolutely stewing in anger. However, she MUST participate in this game. This was completely mandatory and non-negotiable. As atypical for her, she uttered quite a curse! I smiled, finally she was showing her true colors! The other 5 invitees relished participating in this game. Mark was the first "volunteer". He admitted to using uncontrolled substances when he was in 7th grade. He added that he was involved in many indiscreet relationships.

I then proceeded to inquire of Ann what was her most innermost secret. She initially was hesitant to answer this question. She gave a half-answer which was a total prevarication. I knew this and most of all, SHE knew this! I continued to ask her the same question. She continued to give the same answer. She did this for the 20th time and I was becoming QUITE impatient to say the least.

I became quite contentious, stating that I wanted a more DEFINITIVE answer, not an evasive one. Ann, however, continued with the same litany. I then glared at her. She noticed my eyes which became increasingly piercing and she started to shift in her seat. All of the color left her face. I then queried her more intently than I did before. She again avoided directly answering my question. By this time, my patience have worn out!

I then forcibly took Ann outside, explaining the significance of the situation. I subsequently informed her that she is only doing herself a grave disservice by not answering my questions. She finally became quite fearful regarding the situation and acquiesced to my demands. She dejectedly followed me back to the conference room.

Ann revealed facets of herself that were deep secrets before now. She did not feel any better answering my question; however, SHE knew that she HAD to play the game as I dictated it! No independent decisions regarding the matter!

Greyce then "elected" to "volunteer" some information. She revealed that she helped her alzheimers afflicted mother die. I already KNEW this of course; however, I feigned ignorance of this. I further queried of her why did she do this. She revealed quite nonchalantly that her mother was in THE WAY. Everyone just looked at her. She further elaborated that she wanted her mother out of the way in order to obtain all of the monies listed in her father's will. She did not feel a modicum of guilt as she revealed her devious intentions. In fact, she was icily calm. She decided to light a cigarette which I allowed ONLY this time!

George then divulged that he framed a competitor regarding some business deal. Mark was utterly aghast at George's revelation. George proceeded that he indicated that his competitor had some issues, knowing that his competitor was undergoing psychiatric treatment for depression. He further asserted that the competitor was extremely suicidal- a complete prevarication that was used pretextually to get the other half of the business deal. He, too, seemed, unfazed about what he revealed.

Now it was Jennifer's turn. However, she seemed extremely reluctant to divulge the sordid details of her life. I especially detested her because of the hellish way her children were treated. I have reserved QUITE A SPECIAL place for her. I got into her face, demanding to know what was the worst thing that she did. I know of many terrible things that she did, some too horrific to mention in polite company. The more I questioned her, the more recalcitrant she has become! This woman was about to give me a run for my money proverbially and literally! I was the LEADER here, not she!

Jennifer seemed to be particularly defiant towards me. I decided to escalate the ante regarding this situation. I loudly and crudely informed her that she was an unfit mother. I corrected that to say that she just an incubator, being unfit to carry the word "mother". I also informed that she was one of the worst mothers in history. She looked at me, starting to shaking uncontrollably and bursting into loud wails. I did not stop but continued unrelenting in my tirade! She started to get up from her seat but I pushed her back to her seat! She mumbled that she could not endure my tirade any more! I informed her crassly that this was not my concern! I called her a quite pejorative epithet for a female. She leaped, scratching my face and cursed!

Jennifer got up, pushed her seat and went outside. I went after her and pulled her back inside the conference room. She started to fight me; however, she released that she was NO match for ME! She continued to fight me but it was becoming a losing battle on her part! She was beginning to tire and I pushed her back to her seat! She just glared at me!

I apparently needed a brief respite from this insanity. I told the invitees that there would be a 45 minute break. I further instructed them not to venture too far from the conference room. Some complied with my wishes willingly while others did so reluctantly!

Jennifer was becoming particularly incensed, loudly cursing and mumbling to herself to the complete horror of the upper crust passerbys. One passerby, an elderly lady, just looked at Jennifer which she retorted in a crude, unprintable manner to the elderly lady to mind her business! The elderly lady was shocked, walking hurriedly away. Jennifer went to a nearby chair, sat down and lit a cigarette. She just glared aimlessly into space.

I made a compact psychological profile of the six invitees to submit to the POWERS. Two of the invitees could be classified as either sociopaths or psychopaths. They are totally devoid of any type of remorse whatsoever. Another invitee was just pure evil- no more, no less. One invitee was just a loser but not a bad person at all. I actually feel some sympathy towards Mark for he is truly a LOST soul..........


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    • Leaderofmany profile image

      Leaderofmany 6 years ago from Back Home in Indiana

      Love it, I totally get it!! I think that the the things we care with us are as deep as the above. Sometimes we are all these individuals inside but " normal" outdside.