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The Cons and Pros of Freelancing

Updated on January 18, 2013

Do you really want to be a freelancer?

The Cons:

As a freelancer, you don’t have a fixed salary -

The bad news is that freelancing could offer you less money, at least at the beginning of this activity. I want to say that you could have some depressive days, wishing back your boss, your job, and of course, your old salary. Because it was a secure thing and because you were so happy, one day (or two) per month, having your money in your pocket and having the best time with your friends. However, do not panic! You could have more happy days like those, it’s up to you.

As a freelancer, you don’t have a boss -

Yuppy!!! Or maybe....not yet. Because you do not have one boss, but hundreds. Every client you have is, in fact, a boss. Maybe one you cannot see in front of your eyes, but he is still there, in the cyberspace. And they are all very demanding, because they have some money to give you and because all the bosses in this world agreed, at some point in their existence, to pay less for more work. This is the cruel definition of business after all.

As a freelancer, you have some responsibilities -

No, I do not think you understand. I mean you will not afford to be lazy, to cheat the vigilance of your postpone a today task for tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow... No way. You are alone in this adventure named freelancing, alone with your mind, your computer and your goals. You are your own boss this time, and guess what! You will find out, for the first time in your life, than being a boss (even for yourself) is not the most pleasant thing in the world.

By the way, as a freelancer, you don’t have colleagues, nor subordinates -

Nor even a secretary. You will have to prepare your own coffee, answer the calls (by the way, there will be hours when you will turn off your cell phone, because you will need to focus on your writing)

As a freelancer, you are establish your own program -

Working as a freelancer, your freedom is complete. You can work when you want, how much you want, you can have a holiday several times a year, and the whole picture looks great. Only....this is a kind of fantasy. The reality is much different. So, you have to sit down, shake your head and realize that you will work a lot, even in weekends, and the holidays will be much shorter. If they will exist. Simply because you need money to live. On the other hand, there is another danger, if you are a workaholic you will be in a real danger to work a lot and get sick. So be careful with your work program!

As a freelancer, you always have to learn something -

This time you will learn many other things, some of them are interesting, some of them are not. You must be aware of the fact that you have to do research in order to be able to write on a certain topic. Especially when you are not very familiar with it.

As a freelancer, you are not very secure about your future -

The feeling is not very pleasant, some of us can deal with it, some of us don’t. If you are not sure you can do it, you’d better keep your job and be a freelancer as a part time job. It will be more tiring this way, but at least you will be at peace with yourself. is better to be optimistic about the future.

The Pros:

As a freelancer, you you don’t have a fixed salary -

The good news is that you can have more money than you did when you were employed somewhere and you boss could set your salary, no matter how much you worked and how good you were. And the more you make, the more you spend. Try to fix a financial goal for freelancing. For much money you want to make in half a year. Or in a year. And try to reach these goals.

As a freelancer, you don’t have a boss -

How many times have you complained that your boss is stupid? have the opportunity of your life to prove that being a boss, you do the right thing. Nobody can give you orders and, more than that, you will feel great!

As a freelancer, you have some responsibilities -

But having the responsibility of your life is not as bad as you think. All you have to do is to respect your deadlines, write in a professional way, learn from your own mistakes, and being happy you can do this. A lot of people cannot, because they cannot afford a computer or because they cannot write as well as you.

By the way, as a freelancer, you don’t have colleagues, nor subordinates -

At the beginning you will be surprised by the silence around you. Then you will feel alone. But in the end you will be fine, you do everything, and you will be so proud about it!

As a freelancer, you are establish your own program -

If you are smart enough, you will be able to work during winter, or when it rains, and keep summer time or good weather for holidays wherever you want. Maybe you will work 16 hours per day sometimes, and maybe you will spend some weeks traveling around the world. Remember that this is up to you. Always.

As a freelancer, you always have to learn something -

If you learn more, your brain will be healthier a longer time. So don’t be afraid to learn, to study, to do research. The times are changed. We must study not only in school, but during the entire life.

As a freelancer, you are not very secure about your future -

This is true, but do not forget! Freelancing in an adventure. It could be the best of your life. Take advantage of it. You will be stronger from now on, no matter what.

In conclusion, is it bad or good to become a freelancer? It’s an easy question. It’s up to you. You are the only one able to decide what is best for you. But before answer this, be sure you know enough about freelancing. Good luck!


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