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The Creation in C Major

Updated on October 27, 2013
C Major Scale
C Major Scale

Mike is a single dad. He has one daughter, Jude (Judith), age twenty, whom he has raised alone since she was five and a half years old. Mike has noticed changes in Jude ever since she has been dating a guy named Lou, short for Louis; though Mike thinks it’s really short for Lucifer.

Jude has started questioning things that she used to believe in by faith alone; God, His Word, His promise of eternity. Jude is a young woman now, and though she will always be daddy’s girl, daddy can’t control what she chooses to believe or not to believe.

Lou is not an atheist; he just doesn’t believe in anything, coupled with a charismatic personality, he has the ability to be quite a controlling person. Mike would like to think that he has raised his daughter to be strong enough to overcome someone like Lou; who would try to use his charm to manipulate the way that Jude thinks and believes. Mike has backed off so that he doesn’t make Jude feel pressured, and he has given the situation over to God. What Mike doesn’t know, is that God has already prepared Jude’s music teacher for a very special lesson this afternoon.

Cloey is Jude’s piano teacher and good friend. She has been the closest thing to a mother that Jude has had in her life for many years now. Cloey has been experiencing strange dreams over the passed few nights, and this morning she awoke with the overwhelming desire to seek how the creation of God can be seen in music. Desire doesn’t even come close to what Cloey is feeling; it’s more like an urgency to do so. Cloey has never had anything like this happen before; she teaches music not the Bible, but she feels very strongly that this is something she must do; therefore she begins to ponder the matter.

Cloey has a few hours before Jude will arrive for her piano lesson, so she goes to her study where she has a classroom size dry erase board, and she begins to write down the creation days; light, firmament, earth/sea/veg, luminaries, fish/birds, beast/man and God rested. She plops down in a chair and stares at the board, asking her self; “What does this have in common with music?” And after a little time passes, Cloey sees something; she realizes that the creation is similar to a music scale. Her wheels really began to spin at this point and she couldn’t write as fast as her thoughts were forming.

Cloey assigned a note from the C major scale to each day of the creation week. She thought that the C major scale would be the most fitting to use as the example because there are no accidentals (Sharps or flats), and there wouldn’t have been any accidents in God’s Creation. Cloey titled her project, The Creation in C Major. (God’s heaven and earth order)

C – Day one: Light

D – Day two: Firmament (Heaven)

E – Day three: Earth/Sea/Vegetation

F – Day four: Luminaries

G – Day five: Fish/Birds

A – Day six: Beasts/Man……(6th tone; A minor scale starts here)

B – Day seven: God Rested

C – Garden of

Cloey was in the middle of writing the Garden of Eden when her doorbell rang; it was Jude; she was an hour early for her lesson. Cloey asked if she was running late or was Jude early, and Jude replied that she felt like coming early so that she could spend a little extra time with Cloey. Cloey shared with Jude what she was doing, and added that she really needs to have the time to work on it before their lesson, and Jude said that she fully understood, and if Cloey didn’t mind she would enjoy watching her brainstorm. Cloey didn’t mind at all, as a matter of fact she would enjoy any input Jude might have.

They went in to Cloey’s study where she had been working and Jude was quite intrigued with what Cloey had written down so far. Jude looked at the placement of the Garden at the eighth tone, (C ) and she asked Cloey, “If there is going to be a harmonic minor scale in your example, wouldn’t that be where the Garden should be?” Cloey replied, “Tell me what you’re thinking Jude.” Jude went on to tell Cloey that at the sixth tone, where the harmonic minor scale would start, that’s the placement of Day six man in the example. The account of Adam and Eve is like an in depth description of the Day six man; “Male and female He created them.” Therefore, like the harmonic minor begins at the sixth tone, Adam and Eve began in Day six. Cloey replied with “You are so right! Jude, I feel like it’s not by chance that you’re here an hour early. I think we were supposed to do this together.” Jude nodded her head in agreement. Cloey asked Jude to write out how she thinks the harmonic minor scale relates to the creation.

The Harmonic A Minor Scale (Lord God’s earth and heaven order)

A – Fall of man; immortality ended and mortal time began, first thousand years

B – Second thousand years of time

C – Third thousand years of time

D – Fourth thousand years of time

E – Fifth thousand years of time

F – Sixth thousand years of time (Mankind is in this time frame - 5774)

G#- Seventh and final thousand years of time

A – Satan’s last reign; Throne Judgment

Everything was really coming together. Cloey said that the creation week was God’s heaven and earth order, and then when you get to Genesis chapter 2, where Lord God enters in; the order is reversed to earth and heaven. Therefore, Cloey and Jude’s example shows the Creation in C Major Scale as being God’s heaven and earth order, and the Harmonic A Minor Scale as being Lord God’s earth and heaven order.

Jude said that there has to be a point where the order reverses back to heaven and earth, or their analogy wont work. She showed Cloey in the Book of Revelation, where the reverse happens; it’s at chapter 21, when there will be a new heaven and earth (Order). Jude went on to show Cloey that this reverse back to heaven and earth order, takes them back to the major scale, and that the minor scale has been completed.

Cloey looked at the board and asked Jude which tone she thought they would go to when they return to the major scale, “The sixth tone, where Day six man is, or to the seventh tone, where God rested?” Jude read Cloey the next few verses of chapter 21, telling about the holy city, the New Jerusalem, coming down as a bride. She said that the reference to bride could represent the Sabbath. In Jewish homes on Friday nights, the Sabbath is welcomed as a bride. “Le-cha Do-di Lik-rat Ka-lah, Pe-ney Sha-bbat Ne-ka-be-la” (Come my Beloved to greet the bride, the Shabbat presence, let us welcome!) Cloey came to the conclusion from the verse, and from what Jude said about Sabbath, that they would go to the seventh tone where God rested, and there they would write in next God rested; the New Jerusalem.

Cloey and Jude were elated at the progress they were making. So much so they didn’t even notice that the time for Jude’s lesson had come and gone a few hours ago; they were completely engrossed in what they were doing together. Cloey said, “Let’s stand back and just look at our work Jude!” They both looked at the board in amazement; it was awesome seeing how the pattern of creation corresponded so beautifully to music.

Cloey asked how Jude knew the story about the Sabbath Bride, and Jude shared that her mother was Jewish, and she remembered honoring Sabbath traditions in their home. She said that her mother passed away on Sabbath, and her dad was so devastated that he could never keep the traditions that her mom used to do, because it reminded him too much that she was no longer with him. This was the first time Jude had ever talked about her mother to Cloey. She didn’t know what to say in response to what Jude had just told her. So she just put her arm around Jude’s arm and said, “I’m all ears if you ever want to talk, okay?”

Jude, while looking at the board, said, “There’s only one thing missing; whatever fits in at the eighth tone of the major scale.” Cloey asked, “What’s next in chapter 21?” Jude showed Cloey that it was the Holy Jerusalem, Bride and Wife of the Lamb. She harbors the Lord God almighty and the Lamb, and that the Lamb is the Light. This would put “Light” at the first tone C and at the eighth tone C. Everything fit beautifully.

Cloey and Jude's Creation in Music Study
Cloey and Jude's Creation in Music Study

Jude told Cloey that she felt revitalized. She had been wavering in her faith but she feels a renewed desire to study her Bible like she used to do, not that long ago. Cloey replied that she felt that it was a divine appointment for both of them to come together on this day and do this project. As amazing as it was watching how the pattern of creation fit so beautifully in music, they knew that it would be near impossible to explain all of what they did to anyone else. They knew that most people would look at what they had done and think that they were both a little odd, but for Cloey and Jude this was a gift from God that He allowed them to share in something that they both have a mutual love for; music. So it didn’t matter if anyone else understood, they did.

Cloey and Jude had lost all track of time, and Mike got worried because it was so late and Jude hadn’t gotten home yet, so he called to check on her, hoping she wasn’t with Lou. When she answered her phone she apologized for not calling her dad to let him know that she was running late. She went on to say, “I just had the greatest music lesson I’ve ever had in my life Daddy, I’ll tell you all about it when I get home, you won’t believe it. I love you!” Mike replied, “I love you too baby-girl. I’ll see you when you get home, drive carefully!”

Mike didn’t know at that point what had happened at Jude’s music lesson, but he knew something was different, and he believed that it had everything to do with his prayers being answered.

Jude didn’t continue dating Lou. She could see that his charm wasn’t enough to make up for the fact that he just wasn’t the one for her. She continued to share a very special bond with Cloey through studying the things of God in the light of music. One year later they authored a book together titled, The Music of Life; God’s Harmony of Creation, and they dedicated it in memory of Jude's mother, Gabrielle.

Mike’s prayers were answered above and beyond what he even understood. He didn’t have any idea that on the day when Jude went to Cloey’s an hour before her lesson, that she was actually going early because she wanted to say goodbye before she was to leave town with Lou, and she didn’t anticipate coming back anytime soon either. But God had a different plan for Jude’s life!

A Final Thought

It took a praying dad to have the faith to give the situation with his daughter over to God. It took an obedient teacher and friend to do something unlike anything else she’s ever done before, and without questioning why, but it took the loving heart of a young woman, to recognize that God was using those closest to her, to draw her to Himself.


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