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The Cute Female President. ( Interesting fiction)

Updated on June 7, 2020
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Fawzan Studio is your first stop for amazing and creative fiction narratives . The author is a teacher in all imagination related tales .

As the general election approached nearer with only a year to go, Sumeya Hussein the current minister for foreign affairs had some secrets in her heart. This was her eternal dream that she always wanted to achieve in one of the finest days of her life. Sumeya was a popular figure in her Somali community, she was their flag bearer when it came to political matters in Kenya.

The Somali teenagers from both gender would say, “I will be like Sumeya Hussein one day.” Sumeya was the only hope and the only living hero among the Somalis, she was every child’s role model. From the main town Garissa to the suburbs of Moyale, billboards containing Sumeya’s image was fixed everywhere, surely she was the loving daughter of a whole community.

Some billboards read, “Our beautiful daughter Sumeya, our political hero” while some other posters read, “The first Somali to become a minister in Kenya #History pride”
Sumeya at her early forties was married to a professional football player by the name Metere who was plying his trade with a top tier side Arsenal FC in England. The happy couple had given birth to seven offsprings, four of them being boys. The four sons wanted to follow the footsteps of their father and become footballers while the three daughters were ready to study for journalism, a job that was occupied by their mother before shifting to politics.

Though Sumeya was enjoying a happy marriage life but at this moment, especially this year before the coming election, she was not a settled woman. Sumeya was dreaming of big things, she was thinking beyond her nose. The anxiety to achieve that dream was tormenting her soul. Then one Friday, she decided to let the cat out of the bag, not to her parents but to her beloved husband, Metere. She phoned him that morning.

SUMEYA: Hallo, my beloved one, how is London taking you?
METERE: Oh my Sumeya, London without you is like Arsenal without Metere.
SUMEYA: Hahaha stop boasting Metere are you that good? Arsenal can continue winning trophies even after you leave them.
METERE: (Laughs) Sumeya am the eyes of Arsenal, anyway how are my little chocolates doing?
SUMEYA: They are all fine and well except me, my soul is not settled Metere.

Her husband’s heart almost missed a beat, he was unable to figure out of any imminent danger that had unsettled his beloved wife, and he was confused.

METERE: Sumeya, tell me what the cause of the unsettlement is? Some goons or robbers?
SUMEYA: Oh Metere ,I don’t mean that way, but it is something when you hear will make you laugh and mock at me.
METERE : Sumeya hahaha, tell me , today I will mock you the funniest way, I will laugh until evening.
SUMEYA: Metere get serious, you are not understanding my feelings.
METERE: Okay, Sumeya darling, I promise I will not laugh, tell me.
SUMEYA: Metere I want to vie for presidency, I want to be the president of Kenya.

It was now clear that Sumeya was not settling for the best, she wanted perfection. She was hoping to continue climbing the ladder of success from journalism to foreign affairs minister and she was now eyeing to lead the country. Her main ambition was to become the president of Kenya. The question of “how?” will be sort out later but as for now the lady wants to reach the limit. Metere applauded his wife’s great ambitions, he whole heartedly welcomed that idea and he was ready to support his wife.

A number of elders, some of who were renown to have held prominent positions in the government visited Sumeya at her luxurious house. They had suggestions and they wanted to discuss it in length with Sumeya.

ELDER ONE: Sorry Sumeya, we just entered the house without informing you, how are you doing?
SUMEYA: (smiles) There is no problem, after all this is too your home, am well and what about you elders?
ELDER ONE: We are fine Sumeya, to cut long story short, we came here to discuss some emerging issues with you.
SUMEYA: Wow, be free and let us discuss it openly.
ELDER TWO: Thank you Sumeya. First and foremost what brought us here, is something if we achieve, will benefit us not only as tribesmen but also the whole Somali community.
SUMEYA: Very true. You have surely hit the nail on the head.
ELDER TWO: Sumeya you are a minister, everyone knows you, I mean you are a popular figure and we want you to continue bearing the flag for us.
SUMEYA: Surely I will elder. Surely I will by God’s grace.
ELDER THREE: Okay now Sumeya, we want you to vie for presidency in this coming elections.
SUMEYA: (Smiles happily) But can that happen? I don’t think it is possible.
ELDER FOUR: It is possible, nothing will stand on our way, if you win it is the pride of all cushites in Kenya.

To become a president was Sumeya’s long term goal and it was as though God was answering her in a more diverse way. It was now easy for her than it could have been if she were to present that idea to the elders.

( Part Two coming soon , please stay tuned my dear loving readers and writers )

© 2020 Fawzan Studio


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