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The Cute Female President . (Part Two _fiction)

Updated on June 9, 2020

( Continued from Part One . )

What she only needed now was to organize a unifying party, name her deputy and start campaigning right away.When the elders left, Sumeya jumped up and down happily, climbed the window frames and threw her hands into the air in a joyful manner as she screamed loudly to the amazement of her children.

The children who by all that time were looking at their mother’s sudden behaviour asked themselves, “What is that good news that the elders brought which made our mother happy?”

Curiosity took the better part of them, wanting to know everything, they headed towards their mother.

ELDEST SON: Mom, mom, you are very happy what did the elders say?
SUMEYA: They told me that this coming election I will compete for the presidential seat.

The children could not believe it, they kept on asking their mother. They all imagined the pride of living in the state house for five years. “Mom, you mean we are going to live in the state House?” One of the children asked excitedly but that was easier said than done and actions speak louder than words.

It needs hard work to get there.Sumeya immediately broke the glad news to her family and they congratulated her for being the choice of the elders. Her sister, a lecturer at the University of Nairobi by the name Udgoon was the happiest member of the family on hearing the news.

UDGOON: My sweet sister Sumeya I can’t believe what I heard.
SUMEYA: (smiles) It is true Udgoon it is me and Kenyans in this election.
UDGOON: (laughs) You know what Sumeya, we don’t want competition, I mean let us not do it for the joy of competing for presidency it should be real.
SUMEYA: I tell you Udgoon , we will surprise the larger Kenya, we will go up to the wire.

Her sister got emotional about the news, Sumeya could even detect the crying tone of Udgoon over the phone as Sumeya pleaded with her not to cry. Her clan came to know about this a while later and they were seen in the outskirts of the city as they celebrated wildly.
It was now the time to let everyone know of her ambition, the aim of the Somali community to be among the ruling tribes of Kenya.

Sumeya then registered herself as a candidate for presidency and provided the name of her party, its logo and its vision to the electoral commission.

Billboards containing her image were erected in the cities where Somali descent was dominating. It surprised many, including incumbent president that Sumeya was aspiring to lead the country come next election.

Everyone had his say about the unprecedented situation. Some Somalis were happy to challenge other Kenyans while others remained neutral: they were glad at the same time were not believing it but majority of them were pessimistic about it.

“That is a joke, how did Sumeya think of such impossible thing?’’ some said as they shrugged their shoulders while others said, ”Sumeya should withdraw early, how will she overthrow the three largest tribes in Kenya from power? ‘’ Whatever the low minded people said against her, Sumeya was determined to contest for that seat however much toil she will undergo for it.

Many of those who knew Sumeya were not worried of how she would meet the expense of campaigning throughout the country. They were all aware of the occupation of her husband Metere, the best paid footballer in the entire English premier league.

He used to earn in his club Arsenal approximately ninety million Kenyan shilling per week alone totaling to three hundred and sixty million shilling in a month. Money and financial power was not a problem to Sumeya, how she could garner most of the votes and win the presidential seat was what worried her most.

Among the rumors that were heard in the town, some were joking,” Why does Sumeya want to be a president, while she is enjoying millions of shillings per month,” among others who lived in the suburbs of Garissa joked, ”Sumeya has got everything; money, children, expensive cars but she wants now to be politically acknowledged.” If you try to reason well with all these rumour-mongers you will come to agree with them.

Sumeya was extremely rich. Infact according to a rich list survey that was published last year, it ranked Metere in the top ten wealthiest people in Kenya and Sumeya was found in the top fifty, therefore, money was not that much a challenging factor for her.

(Part 3 coming soon )

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