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The D.D.A.G. (Death Dealer Alliance Guild)

Updated on April 19, 2015

Chapter 1: A More Beautiful Death

Only the sound of cold wind howled through the air, carrying a thick smoke scent. A large, revolting, thirty-something year old man was thoroughly investigating the vacant ballroom. He lifted his head, sniffing the air, and his mouth watered for a cigarette. His feet moved swiftly as his eyes moved up, down, right, left, and diagonal, focusing on the mission. Sweat overwhelmed his dry scalp and fat face.

An unfamiliar motion was heard in the distance. Clink. Clink. Instantly, his sharp sense kicked in. He moved his head all about as he tried to figure out the direction of the noise. They’re here. He thought. After a brief moment of contemplating the odds, he ordered his men to spread out. “Focus boys. Check every corner in the shadows. Kill whoever is not one of us without hesitation. No excuses.”

All fifteen men carrying mini-uzis at their waist, armed and ready, shuffled off. They dressed in black and white pin-stripe suites and top hats. They paced themselves cautiously, carefully combing through every crick and cranny.

The large man continued on his own search, peeking under tables and behind long satin curtains. Something wasn’t right, however. He halted and asked himself, “Where the fuck are they?” He tossed his uzi behind him and began violently destroying anything in his path; boxes, chairs, tablecloths etc… He grunted after each kick and punch.

The other terrorists were never as determined as the large man and their boss but they followed their duties, decently. Yet most of the time, they whined like little children do.

The wind became swift encouraging nature to perform. Tiny granites danced on the rooftop and weak tree limbs thumped like a drum on the bay windows. The men grew cold in the night, rubbing their arms for some warmth. The large man overlooked the scenery where his men stood, unimpressed. “Quit toying around you fucks,” he barked, scaring them motionless. “Search harder!” He turned back away, ignoring his distaste for them. They are only there for his and his boss’ protection after all. They’re like an expensive insurance. Nothing more.

After what felt like hours, the large man grew even more impatient. “Has no one found them?” he yelled out. No one responded. Instead, they stared at him, with oblivious faces frightened to give him an answer he refused to hear.

Suddenly, the clinking sound returned. It was coming from above. His attention jerked upward. “Get ready,” he whispered, his heart rapidly beating. Slowly, he moved his uzi forward and gripped it in between his fat hands. For months, him and his men have practiced and had been tested for this exact moment. It would be smarter to not grow trigger happy however, it’s difficult to remain in control.

All the men’s eyes widened as they readied their weapons. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Faint images began to form from the shadows above. “Aim high, boys!” he ordered.

Seconds later, more than a dozen Death Dealers ambushed the terrorists from the rails over their heads, each of them holding aimed rifles. All but one, however. A beautiful red-headed woman, despite her petite figure, stood tall and strong with both hands behind her back. Like her men, her shrouded armor was pure ebony but unlike the others, a leather corset laid under her breasts.

The terrorists still mounted on the ground, remained still, fearing to move an inch. A tall man by the name of Alfonso Guzman appeared. The head honcho, walked in the middle of the group with arms spread out as if he were surrendering. He carried a sarcastic grin that plastered his skeletal face. He signaled for his men to lower their weapons. The red-headed woman, locked her gorgeous bright violet eyes on him, focusing on every movement he made and each breathe he took.

The wind slowed its rhythm as Alfonso began to speak with a dry tone. “Can we talk about this?” The Death Dealers lingered in their position, refusing to make any sudden movements. “Come on,” he insisted, persuasively. “Let’s not spill bloodshed tonight.” A dark skinned Death Dealer, whispered into another man’s ear whom then nodded and walked away.

The large man smiled, distastefully. “Yeah,” he added. “Give us a break, man.”

Alfonso glared at his useless right hand man. “What makes you think I need your help?” he hissed. “Move away and shut up.” The large man took five angry steps back, sweating more fierce.

The redhead popped her knuckles to disregard the craving of an attack at that exact moment. All she yearned for was Alfonso’s head on a spike. However, she had to wait. Waiting was the difficult part.

“Jason, is it?” Alfonso asked the dark skinned man from above. He returned not a word but a monotonic expression. “Jason, you and I should talk. You know, man-to-man. Captain-to-captain.” A red line connected from Jason's gun to the middle of Alfonso’s forehead. He chuckled smoothly, posing in a carelessly with hands on his hips. “We’ll hand over any information the DDAG would like, without a problem.” He snapped his fingers. “Just like that. I have a secret compartment, with hundreds and hundreds of files the DDAG would love to get their hands on.” He placed his hands together, in a prayer position, with his long fingers gently pressing against his thin lips. “I’m a man of my word. Trust me.”

The tip of Jason’s finger was placed on the trigger. Like a true soldier, he refrained from acting without thinking. He continued to breathe and remained calm.

Suddenly, the large man jumped out from behind Alfonso, bent one knee, screamed, "Let's get on with it," then pulled his trigger. Bang. Bang. A few bullets zoomed over to Jason, barely missing his face.

“You useless, idiot!” Alfonso screamed.

“Fall in!” Jason ordered. Instantaneously, the Death Dealers moved out, each of them flying in various directions. The red headed woman leapt off from the rails above, landed lightly on top of a wooden box, then sped off once meeting the floor.

Bang, bang! It was now a rumble between good versus evil. “Get her!” Alfonso roared. “Bring that bitch to me. No one kills her, understand? If anyone murders Ariel, they will have their balls chopped off.” They all screamed, yes sir, then shuffled off.

Ariel found one of her men, David. She joined him behind a large broken speaker. A band of chaos thickened around them. Bullets flew all around them and broken glass rained over their heads. Ariel lost sight of Jason and the rest of the guild. “Where the fuck is Jason?” she screamed at David.

He peeked his head around the speaker. A terrorist locked eyes with him. Both raced for their weapon. Bang! David shot him right through the heart. Within a second, he was cemented to the ground and started to decay. “I don’t know,” he answered. “Last I saw him, he was still on the rails above.”

Shit. Ariel thought. With all her might, she punched the floor, digging a hold deep in the bamboo floor. “Have you seen Alfonso at least?”

Alfonso was busy fighting for his own survival. However, his men kept decorating the floor around him. They were losing against the Death Dealers. He found the large man cowardly, hiding in a corner and crying. “Get up, god damnit!” he pulled him by the shirt. “Who do you work for Aaron?” he asked him. “Who are you sworn to protect?”

“You-“ Bang!

Blood splattered all over Alfonso’s face. He rubbed his eyes and was now gazing through a fabricated peephole in Aaron’s left eye. He grunted and tossed the dead man to the side. In front of him was the ballroom’s kitchen. He dropped to his bony knees and speedily crawled over, hiding behind one of the counters.

Meanwhile, Ariel kept glancing around to find Jason. A muffled noise came through her earpiece. “Ariel,” a voice called out. Her eyes widened and a small amount of hope fluttered within her heart that it may be her co-captain and best friend, Jason.

“Hello?” she cried. The static made it difficult to understand. Then the room grew silent. Unhesitatingly, she turned off her radio to avoid any distraction.

Psst… Ariel peered over to David. With a single tilt of his head, he signaled to remain low and follow his lead. They crawled cautiously and kept silent. Just ahead was a dinner table covered in heavy cloth. They hurried their way underneath. David pulled out a handgun and quietly reloaded the clipped. "There are only four men left, and one of them has to be Alfonso," he informed Ariel.

"Are you positive there are only four of them?" she asked, insecure about his hypothesis.

A small amount of doubt hung in mind as he shrugged. Click. His 9mm Beretta was armed and ready for target practice. "Not sure," he admitted. "But we need to move out."

David was right.

The wind raced again making Ariel's velvet hair flutter and her arms grow goose pimples. She gazed up through the shattered bay window and was in awe with the moon's glow and fullness while hundreds of stars were glimmering happily all throughout the dark sky. She smiled, quietly rejoicing in the brief moment of peace. A second later, she shook her head, forcing herself back to reality. "Let me examine the area before we decide to continue." With respect, he let her know his understanding with a single nod.

With ease, she slithered out from underneath the table, poking out twelve inches. She kept her frame elongated and her elbows were held out in a 'v-shape.' Not a single terrorist seemed to be surrounding them. Like a lion on the prowl, Ariel carefully crawled on all fours, remaining hidden in the shadows. Behind an old drum set, she sat on one knee in a rectangular shape, moving only her eyes. Three of them were frustratingly searching their surroundings. One of the men was unbelievably tall. Probably taller than Alfonso while the other two were average height and had mediocre physicality.

Finally, Alfonso appeared making Ariel's heart skip a beat. It took every ounce of her being to not leave her domain. Annoyance covered his face. With pure frustration, he ordered his men to spread out. They sparsed, equally frustrated.

Ariel crawled back over to David, updating him on the current status. "They're moving in on us, covering each corner of the ballroom. Alfonso is out there as well, heading west with one other man. They're mine. You move east." Before proceeding forward, Ariel looked up at the beautiful moon once more, taking in as much peaceful solitude as she could. She eyed her comrade with a genuine face, wishing him good luck. "Ready?" He nodded. "On three." Inhale. "One. Two." Exhale. "Three." They're off.

As Ariel's anticipation grew heavy, time was calling for her trusty dagger.

Guns had never been a weapon of choice for the red-headed Death Dealer. They're loud and don't portray true strength and power. Ariel has always believed a terrorist must be given a beautiful and meaningful death; slow and torturous. Something only her beautiful dagger can gift.

This beauty fits perfectly in her petite hands. It's small and lightweight body makes it a breeze to carry. Also, never will it dull.

Both of her targets were moving in close. The tallest man was horribly large and intimidated Ariel. Luckily, Sensuous was swimming in her bloodstream. She could feel the drug increasing her physical senses. Both her stamina and strength leveled up her small figure. The high made her feel powerful. Almost invincible.

Closer and closer she watched her targets catching up with her. Still, she moved her feet carefully and never lost herself outside the shadows.

The muscle man turned in an opposite direction. She peeked over to Alfonso, whose back now faced her. He paced back and forth, desperate to come up with a last minute clever motive. Aaron's blood was stuck painted on Alfonso's thin face, and turned it even more frightening. He mumbled disturbingly under his breathe, a million words per second. His brown eyes twitched as his teeth clenched together and his fingers moved as though they were vigorously playing a piano. The last of his sanity was disappearing from his mentality. Ariel waited patiently for a perfect moment to finish him off.

Minutes later he halted and stood immobile, with arms crossed. She gripped her dagger tightly, positioning it sideways, as her thumb rubbed the straight edge with a gentle caress. The feel of the metal was smooth and warm, providing her with a sense of hope and encouragement.

As she straightened herself up from the floor, she chanted the traditional Death Dealer prayer in her mind;

Forgive me Lord of Life, I may sin in your eyes.

Please do not loathe me as I am only doing what is right.

Suddenly, booming footsteps were sprinting towards her. They were moving fast. She reacted, turning in the direction of the pursuing steps.

"Ariel, get down!" It was Jason.

Alfonso in an instant turned around, satisfied to know his precious Death Dealer's heart was still beating. She met the ground and covered her head as the battle continued where it left off.

Alfonso leaped over fallen chairs, creating his own trail, leading up to Ariel. There she is, he thought. He was closing in on her, aiming his gun at her face. She noticed him, quickly.

Her dagger was now tucked in her back scabbard. With brute force, she swirled her body around, flipped herself up and punctured Alfonso with a fierce roundhouse kick. He fell hard and screeched with pure pain and astonishment. He attempted to fight back with a weak defense maneuver. She blocked his move. Without realizing it, she seized his uzi, snapped it in two like a twig, then hurled both ends to meet his already feral face.

Crack. His long nose split, mid-center. Blood spewed out from underneath his nostrils.

Aaahhh... Alfonso cried in great pain."Fuck you bitch," he moaned. "That hurt." Ariel loved when boys cried. The evil boys. Nothing brought her more delight than viewing a common terrorist suffer great-well deserved-pain. Thanks to the power of Sensuous, she snagged on his wavy grey hair and easily dragged him behind her.

She looked around the room and noticed two more men were dead. Jason and the rest of the Death Dealers held out flashlights as they searched for the lone survivor while the leader of the packer was being held under Ariel's jurisdiction.

She pulled him up, and shoved him with unbreakable force against the nearest wall.

Argh... Alfonso screamed with tears overtaking his eyes. "God damnit!" He had lost almost all willpower to fight back. The pain distracted him from what's the red-headed warrior had in store.

They stood face-to-face. Spit. Saliva met the side of Ariel's lip. She wiped off the fluid, rolling her eyes. "You're going to die, Death Dealer bitch," he threatened as his own blood foamed in between his teeth. Ariel said nothing. "Pretty soon, the whole world will be extinct. More extinct than it is now. The ones who survive are the bad people who manipulate the good people to do bad things. Thus creating armies. Armies go to war and war is what World One, will endure." She was still unimpressed. Unlike him, she knew how to aim. Spit. "Oh, god." Cough. "That was right in my mouth." Cough.

Suddenly, the aftereffects of Sensuous was kicking in. "Fuck," she groaned. Her vision blurred and great pain pounded heavily on her skull. It was as if someone was hammering her head. Please, don't do this. She thought. Not now.

Alfonso attempted to run away, but with the tips of her pointer and middle finger, she was able to hold him back.

She forced herself to snap out of the aftereffect. Sensuous is the Lord of Light's gift to Death Dealers however, intolerable pains is what they must bare. Ariel was done messing around. She needed to get out of there. Her left hand was now hugging his narrow neck.

The discomfort was temporarily gone. Before it reappears, Ariel needed to end the bastard's life. She pulled out her dagger, twirled it in between her fingers, spun it once, aimed, then-

"Let me go," he begged. "I will tell you everything I know." Pure desperation filled his eyes. He wanted to live. To survive.

She grunted. "Shut up."

"I swear," he continued.

With full-fledged strength, she jabbed the dagger straight in his throat, piercing it right through his adam's apple. His body shook, violently. She refused to release him.

The man was choking on his own blood. Finally, it clogged him up, and he took his final sigh. His body grew heavy, weighing him down.

Ariel stared at his lifeless corpse, hating him. Hating his death. It was not satisfying. For months she had followed Alfonso, hacking into his computer, investigating all his whereabouts, and dreaming of the day she could rid World One of one lesser evil.


The sound of a gun startled Ariel, causing her to flinch. She looked over her shoulder and to her relief, Jason stood only a few feet away from her, alive and well.

Ariel stared upon Alfonso's lifeless corpse once more. She kicked the dead man off her blade, and wiped both sides clean on her corset. She was more than thankful to be alive. World One would never have to worry about Alfonso Guzman ever again. The case is closed. If only he suffered more a brutal end. But Ariel thought, what would have sufficed? Probably, nothing.

She snickered as she began to walk away. "Good riddance."


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