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The Daemon Symbol

Updated on August 15, 2015


The young man knelt on the cold stone floor his hands tied behind his back with rough rope that was digging into his wrists as he tried to take in his surroundings. Just a short time ago he had been sat at home watching TV. Now all he knew is he was in a dark stone floored chamber somewhere. He watched as a man in ceremonial robes came forward holding a dagger. As the man approached the young man felt himself being lifted to his feet and held securely so he could not struggle free. One of his captors ripped open the young mans shirt and a second later he felt the cold steel of the dagger blade against his bare flesh.
'Give us that what we seek or we will have to take something of yours by force.' The man holding the dagger said, his face obscured by a hood as he pressed it against his prisoners skin.
'Never' the young man replied, his voice steady considering the situation.
'Place him on the alter stone.'
The young man felt the urge to try and struggle free but knowing it would only waste energy he would need later did not. Instead he took a deep breath and tried to relax his body in preparation for what was to come. He felt the rope loosen its grip from his wrists. 'Nows your chance' his mind told him and his body tried to break free from its captors.
'You foolish boy, you can not escape.' came the voice of the hooded, robed man holding the dagger. 'If you gave us what we asked for you would be a free man.'
'Yeah right' He thought to himself 'If I gave you what you seeked I'd be a dead man' 'I'd rather die than give you what you want.' He said out loud. Seconds later his shirt had been completely ripped from his body and he felt the cold hard surface of the alter against his back. Then he felt pain across his chest and abdomen as he was pinned to the alter stone by two leather straps with metal spikes on the underside. Closing his eyes for a second and taking a deep breath he willed the pain to go away. He opened his eyes just as his right hand was being strapped palm up to a raised point on the alter. He felt his head being forced to the right and his eyes being kept open by one of his captors. He could only watch as the dagger sliced into his palm. ''Do not scream, it will do you no good.' he said to himself as he felt the blood trickle off his hand.

"Now will you give us what we seek?" the hooded figure asked his captive. "You will never learn the secrets I hold"He willed himself not to pass out as the two leather straps were pulled tighter and the spikes penetrated his bare flesh, causing blood to run down his sides and in to groves that had been cut into the stone alter.
"You are very resistant to our methods of extraction. There is only one thing left." Said the hooded figure as he dropped his hood reveling a gaunt white face. He opened his mouth to reveal two pronounced canine teeth. Placing his mouth round his captives neck he bit into it.


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