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The Dawn of Post Humans (A Short Story) Part II

Updated on February 21, 2013


“What should I improve in mankind?”

This time I spoke and said: “Improve their anatomy.”

I spoke out of despair, feeling no more the power to continue this game. But I hit the nail on the head. Were humans to be born again, they should be physically unfit for Kaabuus consumption.


The question surprised me. I don’t know what to say. I cannot tell him the truth. All I want is to save mankind from a mad being.

"Make them super-humans.” It was a pathetic suggestion, as I have no idea of improving their anatomy.

“ Agreed,” he said.

The body parts drowned like a scuttled ship in the ocean of flab. Soon enough a prototype of the first improved human landed close to me—a young man, physically no different from any other human, looking in excellent shape with bulging muscles like an Olympian god. He extended his hand towards me, wanting a hand shake.

The man got manners, I thought.

I hesitated, quailed back in fear, having the powers of super-humans inculcated by mankind heritage in comics, cartoons, and movies in my mind. But a reassuring smile on his face drowned my fears.

And then…

A deafening cry escaped the man’s mouth as soon as I shook his hand. With my ordinary hand I have crushed his. I stood unbelieving, watching him writhing in agony. What kind of super-human is this?

But then it dawned on me the answer--super-humans exist only in fiction. Kaabuus has no example to follow. He only tried to create a fictitious being, a fictitious power, standing on two feet.

The result was a weakling. A caricature rather than a being that would have crushed anyway by anything getting in his way.

It isn’t unlikely that Kaabuus has the same idea of perfectness as I do, or perhaps my request requires a subtler elaboration.

Unless Kaabuus can improve them, make them impervious to fire, to harm, and damage, but that would be nonsensical, a world of super humans is the least of my concerns.

Perhaps I am missing the point. Human wouldn’t care about their bodies anymore were they morally straight and uncorrupted. That’s it; it makes sense now. Kaabuus can improve what thousand years of evolution couldn’t. Human must be perfected inwardly, carved out of high moral values.

“I want them incorruptible.” I said.

“Your request is denied.” He said.

“Why? Is it beyond the powers of the mighty Kaabuus to fulfill this simple request?”

“Wrong and good are not defined as the same.”


“It is true that there is a common ground for good and bad, but humans evolve and with them their definitions of the world around them.”

I shook my head.

Polygamy is perceived as wrong within some humans, while not within others.Eating meat is perceived by vegetarians as a cruel act while not by the others. And the list goes on."

“Then there is no way to perfect them, if there are too many variables to be taken into account. or maybe there is something else.”

“Make them united like the fingers of the hand” I said, expecting another denial.

"As you wish, but I will show you a prototype”

Something, or someone began wriggling inside him, taking a human shape, forcing his way out of a Kaabuusian body part. I can’t say which exactly. Kaabuus is a mass of flab with indefinite proportions.

A monstrous grown man appeared, piggybacking another one, followed by two heads on a sole body, followed by other varieties of conjoined twins, too terrible to describe.



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