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The Dead Guy Interviews of Michael Stusser

Updated on September 26, 2012

A guy Stusser has not interviewed yet...


This guy (alive and kicking) really rocks! Ever wanted to ask Van Gogh about the whole ear episode or Beethoven for his take on "American Idol"? How about Napoleon about his complex, or if Frida might consider a brow wax? Here's your chance! In The Dead Guy Interviews (Oct. 2007, Penguin Group USA), modern-day journalist Michael Stusser chats with the most famous personalities of all-time, asking them probing and illuminating questions about their lives, accomplishments, and what's on their iPods.

Interviewing Sigmund Freud

Stusser is a regular contributor to mental_floss magazine and that comes through loud and clear in his book. The Dead Guy Interviews are short conversations between author Michael Stusser and famous figures from history. Stusser brings these characters to life. He captures their mannerisms and speech patterns with his wonderful humor and in his 'sassy journalistic' style. The interviews are witty, fast-paced, sometimes irreverant and full of anachronisms. Stusser asks embarrassing questions, but his interviewees also variously insult him, make him wait, or get angry about a remark that wasn't intended to offend them.

The strongest selling points of The Dead Guy Interviews is the ability of the author to mix commonly known reputations with lesser known biographical facts. The compact bios before each interview refresh your memory, there is some impressive research work done, here! By exposing historical rumors and monumental truths straight from the mouths of the dead guy's and gals, Stusser gets you laughing out loud. This makes his book both educational and hilarious, and highly recommended for anyone who loves history or biographies. It's really like sitting down with Napoleon or Cleopatra!

The Dead Guy Interviews is one of those concepts you wonder why no one ever thought of before. In a drama workshop or as a high school history teacher, this book about famous dead guys & gals is a godsend. If you'd like to liven up a dinner party, here's a great idea! Have people study a historical character and let them be interviewed by a slightly aggressive reporter. Can you get the right gestures and accents? Maybe you can wear period costumes, why not?

Interviewing Genghis Khan


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