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The Deepst Kiss

Updated on May 1, 2017

I sighed, fingertips caress my flesh gently, slowly

I think of those long kisses when above me your eyes closed

I see clearly the pleasure as it kisses your face with moonlight,

I drink the sweetest of wine from your lips

Hungrily I search for the essence of you.

Wanting to drain you.

I taste the excitement that rocks you to the core and I deepen the kiss.

Opening to you hugging you tighter.

My heart races, my breath expels,

Teasing your ear, as I nibble

I open my eyes to find yours gazing into me.

bringing the emotion I do not want to identify.

Fear, fear, that has no idea of where you end and I begin.

Again I close my eyes

but the memory of smoky gray eyes flutters open languorously

I stare for a time at your face, again shadowed, bathed in Moonlight.

Then I awaken, I know not who you are.

Or why you haunt my dreams, my nameless faceless, love.

Written in 2011 -2012 although I gave credit for co-authoring I actually wrote the prose myself. I changed my mind on adding a Co-Author after talking to my Ex-Husband. Who instructed me to write my own and not rely on a Co-Author in his words "Are you sure you can trust this Guy"? It was written using my Ex-husband as inspiration, however, it is the continuation of a dream I've had since I was a young Woman.

With you, I know I will find fulfillment.

Still entangled in the covers I rise

Thirsty the feel of you still upon soft skin.

Only in my dreams do I ever see.

I've dreamt this dream a thousand times since maidenhood.

yet I still know not who you are.

I drink thirstily.

The feel of you still upon my soft skin.

running fingers gently over already heated, skin

bringing forth thought of the sweetest of lips

As it bathes kisses upon lips that sigh with hunger.

Above me, you rise in glorious splendor.

Sweat bathes your skin as above me yo prepare.

The light shines brightly through cracks of blinds and slowly I awaken

My heated body moves sinuously

as I caress it against smooth cotton sheets


Fulfillment Again escapes me.

I search the corners of the room expectantly

Fully awake disappointingly so

As realization brings forth understanding

Again thoughts of you plague me,

naked except for cotton sheets that cool's my now heated skin.

Slowly I rise still tangled in soft cotton sheets.

Thirsty now, and stumble forward towards the kitchen.

It was but another dream within a dream!


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