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The Demons that Lie Within Us

Updated on February 16, 2014
We all have demons whats yours
We all have demons whats yours

A Writers Dream

I love to create my characters based on people who at one point in time made an impression on my life whether it be good or bad. My first novel True Cupid which is a comedy about online dating lead me to my main character "a woman serial killer" in my last two novels.

I never thought of killing anyone but after spending four years of online dating and meeting some of the craziest men I would ever know, I thought the next best thing would be to get closure by killing them off in my book. Yes it has been therapy for me but the part that really became so very hard was in the second book I had three computers crash on me and lost most of my material three times because at that time I never thought about saving it on anything. Yeah I know dummy me and lesson learned, however in light of rewriting 10 chapters over three times, I met my husband and no longer had the urge to kill anyone. I was exquisitely happy and now I had to use my real writing skills in order to finish.

Day after day I procrastinated about writing because I just couldn't be mean enough to kill anyone even though I still wished death on them lol. So now I had to resort to my childhood friends on facebook to do the trick for me. Two lovely souls who I ended up dedicating my book to for irritating me enough to finish and yes I killed them off too in the sequel. Yes it's true I have demons in me that need release and the best way I know how is to write it.

As writers we all have our own demons and we make our own characters for whatever reason or whatever experience they gave us. But mine are just ordinary folks who struck a wrong cord in my life and the demons that lie within me don't have the courage to really do what I did to them in real life so with closure of these folks that irritated me so I can move on to the trilogy finding more victims for my demons to attack right here at my computer and no one will ever know except for me and my demons.

I love my character she is sexy and sassy but most of all an evil villianess waiting for the next chapter to be written.


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      Mandie 5 years ago

      Love this. Thats what writing is all about.

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